Flights to Orlando

I enumerated the three major attractions in Orlando that my family would love to experience in my post Orlando: Kids Wonderland. After doing so, the wanderlust in me didn't stop searching for cheap orlando flights in my fat hope to get a really great deal. What pushed me to do so? While reading about Orlando in Wikitravel I found out that apart from its three major attractions, there are many more places worth visiting like the following:

Gatorland | Photo from Wikipedia
1) Gatorland - *a small aligator and reptile theme park. I am sure my animal loving Kyla would be thrilled to check it out.

2) Discovery Cove - *it is a unique companion to Sea World. Admission includes  food and drinks and a 30-minute interaction with the dolphin in the water. Kyla would love to play with a dolphin up close.

3) Holy Land - *an educational, inspirational and biblical themed park designed to look like Jerusalem. It would be a great place to visit before Kyla receives her first communion this September.

4) Wet 'N Wild - I am guessing it is similar to Singapore's Wild Wild Wet that Kyla is mad about.

5) Florida Eco Safari - *a 4700 acre eco-ranch and wildlife conservation area, preserved just as nature intended. This beautiful site boasts 9 district Florida ecosystems and an endless array of natural flora and fauna including alligators, black bears, nearly 200 species of birds and the endangered Florida panther. 

No. 5 has to be the nature loving mommy's (that's no other than me) top list after the three major attractions. I would love to soar high through the treetops on a Zipline Safari too! Just the thought of it makes me shout weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I can't wait to experience Orlando! If you happen to know any good travel deal to the theme park capital of the world, I would appreciate so much if you email me the details. For now, let me contain my excitement in our upcoming adventure to HK Disneyland!

* Information from Wikitravel


  1. I'm sure you will all enjoy a trip to Orlando! There are indeed lots of great places to go and things to see!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend, Cher!

  2. have fun in your HK Disneyland vacation Che, I am wishing one day you sure could come to Orlando, then, it would be easier for us to see you :) even though we would still be thousands of miles away being in the West Coast.