Flights to USA: The Big American Dream

After having a taste of Hollywood at Disney's Hollywood Hotel on our recent trip to Hong Kong, we are now having a super-sized dream. Yes, dreaming of trip to USA is considered big. That word may even be an understatement. Make it huge, or a more apt word would be humongous. 

Why? First, it's because America offers gazillion travel destinations that you almost don't know which one to pick or worst, the wanderlust in you would want to maximize your trip and go to all the must-visit tourist destinations there. That is if it's possible geographically through road trips and connecting flights. 

Secondly, you need a fat bank account to book for usa flights. There are four of us now and that means it may take us years to realize our humongous American dream. In fact, K (I just baptized the kids with a one letter initial again, i hope hubby won't mind. LOL) sort of promised to bring us there when she's already working and earning a living out of gratefulness to us in realizing her Disneyland dream.

Mond wishes to visit his relatives in California, K wants to explore the Big Apple (remember her I Love NY barbie denim dress?) because the Geronimo Stilton book made her dream of traveling to New York, and I would love to visit the Syjongtian's in New Jersey. 

Then there's Manhattan, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Oregon, Texas, Las Vegas, Arizona, West Virginia, Florida, Hawaii, Canada and so on and so forth. I did say it's super-sized right? I am a self-confessed geographically challenged but when you say America, those places come to my mind. 

When it's time to realize our humongous American dream, I may have to start studying the map and see which of those places in America that I mentioned we could visit in one goal via road trips and possible connecting flights. 

And oh, I should not forget breaking my coin bank and treat myself for a bit of shopping too. 10 years from now, I should have gazzilion of $1 coins. LOL!

How about you? Do you have a super-sized travel dream? 


  1. hmmm with you in your big American dream twinzy haha, counting on the kiddos to take me there too haha...mwahugggsss!!!

  2. oh, how sweet of Kyla :) I hope you all could realize the humongous dream before Kyla starts working already :) Hopefully, like what you said, 10 is the perfect age for Disney, in gian's 10's :) by then, you have a gazzillion of $1 coins :)

  3. hopefully Beth, hehe! thanks! happy weekend!!!

  4. Write down all your desired destinations on individual slips of paper and put them into a covered box or jar, then draw one out and start there. ;-) However, since Mond has relatives in California, that would be a great place to start, too, as they could be tour guides for you and tell you all the best sights to visit in California. What a fun dilemma!

  5. Haha! Fun dilemma indeed! Thanks Lindy! :)