Hong Kong Escapade (Day 1)

This is a sequel to my Trip to Hong Kong post.

We arrived at Disney's Hollywood Hotel at around 4pm. The hotel's facade was bluetiful! It reminded me of my Twinzy Sunsetzen. When I opened my phone upon arrival at the airport, I received her sms asking me to take bluetiful photos for her. Eto na ang first blue photo mo, Twinzy. Hehe! More to come! 

We took a quick photo opp at the hotel's entrance after our luggage was endorsed to the hotel staff. GCR is oblivious of where he is and what is the excitement and buzzing crowd are all about. Sign of jetlag, superbaby? 

Time to check in. I actually requested for early check in when I booked the hotel accommodation but since our flight was delayed, we were 2 hour behind the normal check in time. 

Upon entering our designated room, saw this Mickey Mouse signed birthday card and creatively designed towel cake at the coffee table. They asked me what was the occasion when I called the hotel reservation hotline and I told them it was KLR's birthday bash. Nice personal touch pero mas ok sana kung real yung cake. LOL!

While waiting for our luggage to be taken up, we took another photo opp. Lots of Mickey Mouse and cute stuff (notice that yellow dog towel on the bedside table?) inside the room. I will do a hotel feature/review in my later post. 

Minutes later, the baby cot and our luggage was brought to our room. GCR seem to loved his personal space though it looks like he's too big for it.

After securing our things in place, hubby and I unpacked a bit while KLR took care of her baby brother. Oh boy, GCR was hyperactive! Good thing he has a lovable big sister to look after him. 

We spent the rest of the time checking out the hotel premises while waiting for my brother-in-law to fetch us for a welcome dinner. Of course, more photo opps for our photo addict family. 

While having a stroll, KLR spotted Goofy at the pool area entertaining the hotel guests. Sobrang pigil ang ginawa niya not to jump on the pool herself and have a photograph taken with Goofy. LOL!

Sa kabilang banda, GCR spotted Winnie the Pooh at the Celebrity Gifts shop. Tuwang-tuwa siya sa battery operated toy. It was meant to lure the kids and convince the poor parents to buy toys for them. The trick didn't work on us though. LOL!

Lots of disney toys and Mickeyfied stuff but no thanks, hanggang photo souvenir lang muna kami. LOL! Look how GCR's eyes are wandering. 

We are already getting hungry by the time my BIL came to fetch us at the hotel. GCR enjoyed the car ride, he loves sight seeing just like mom. Hehehe! Our impression of the new place our itchy feet took us to? I told my sister who called us over the phone that HK is nicer to marvel at than SG because there are no mountains in SG. Haha! SG is nicer in terms of other stuff of course. Going to HK is like having a taste of Singapore, Penang, Manila and Qatar (hubby said so).

Anybody here who can identify that brigde? It looks very prominent and it's like de ja vu for me. Parang nakita ko na siya before. Pardon the crappy photo, I asked forced the hubby to take a shot inside the van though he insisted it's going to be blurry.

We passed by this place called Modern Terminals Hong Kong. It looks like the PSA (The World's Port of Call)  in Singapore. Very familiar sight, parang nasa SG lang kami. 

About half an hour later, we dropped by at Pak Wai Village to fetch my nephew, Kent. He is my sister's stepson and he used to study and lived in the Philippines before going back to HK for work. 

Another half an hour and we finally reached out gastronomic destination: Sai Kung. My sister did warn me it's going to be a long ride but we didn't mind at all kasi para lang kami sumakay ng tourist van without a proper tourist guide. At least we got to see different places in HK without tiring ourselves. Like I said earlier, we saw some places that resembles like Manila, Singapore, Penang and Qatar.

That's my BIL and Kent with us at Sai Kung's seaside. My BIL said Sai Kung is the best place to eat fresh seafood in Hong Kong. I'll talk about the place in another blog post. 

We had a bluetiful evening savouring a delightful seafood dinner feast at Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant. I have not googled about the place but Kent said they are the best among the plethora of seafood restaurants around Sai Kung. I will feature it in another post after doing a bit of research. 

That wraps up our short but sweet day 1 in Hong Kong.  Kyla planned to have a night swimming but too bad the pool was already closed when we arrived back at the hotel. Click here for day 2 which I refer to as the longest day of our family life. We spent a total of 11 hours at Hong Kong Disneyland Park. LOL!

*Because of our cancelled earlier flight, gone were our plan to stay 2 days at Disneyland Park and do a sidetrip to Macau.

This post is part of our Hong Kong Travel Documentary series:


  1. oh my....I super duper love all the blue photos here and of course your happy family smiles!!!

  2. enjoyed the photos Che, and so sweet of you and your twinzy :) yes, nice personal touch, but like you, would prefer the real cake :) love all the happiness seen in everyone's eyes.

  3. Everybody becomes a little kid when visiting Disneyland.

  4. waa! sayang naman ang sidetrips!
    no worries, that only means you have to go back the 2nd time around. ^0^
    love the interiors inside Hollywood hotel and the cute look in baby G's eyes,
    wandering and curious in everything he sees. ^0^
    glad you enjoyed your family trip, despite the delay and all,
    i think all of you did have a great time.

    ps; not sure, but it's supposed to be tsing yi bridge ata.