Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake by Bengawan Solo
After posting Baby Gian's intimate 1st birthday Mickey Mouse party photos in facebook, some mommy friends asked me where I got the cake. I ordered it from Bengawan Solo (minimum order - 2kg) five days before Gian's big day. I asked if they could change the candles to just one instead of four (Yes, I am fussy with small details like that. Haha!) but due to Disney copyright issues, it is not possible. Cake sponge choice: vanilla or chocolate. Kyla and Mond were grateful I chose chocolate. 'Knew them too well. :P

Off for the weekend! Enjoy yours! 
Take care and Godbless.


  1. I like chocolate, that you don't know.

  2. hmmmmm too beautiful to eat haha, but the thought of chocolate makes me wanna ask for more than a slice now haha, :-)kisses to the birthday boy!

  3. haha! a choco lover too! ^0^
    that cake looks delectable and i like its mickey design too.