Trip to Hong Kong (Free and Easy)

My family have never tried joining group tours. There are many affordable and tempting group tour packages available when you search on the internet but the idea of being "tied up" with other people doesn't sound very inviting.

Just like our previous Penang Island, Bintan Island and Batam Island escapades, our recent Hong Kong escapade is free and easy. As usual, I booked an early bird hotel promotion and hubby booked an airline ticket deal.

This trip was supposedly done in 2011 but I got pregnant and gave birth to baby Gian so we put it on hold. Since baby Gian showed no sign of travel anxiety when we brought him to Batam Island at 6 months old, we planned our HK getaway a few months prior to our departure.

The downside was, Jetstar Asia cancelled our original flight to HK and changed it to a much later timing. We were supposed to leave at 6am and reached HK by 10am that's why I actually reserved 2 day tickets at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and even planned to do a side trip to Macau.

Our departure was postponed to 10am. Hubby doesn't like the idea of a hurrying here and there so we were at Changi Airport by 8am. 

The check in counter was already open when we arrived. The early bird catches the worm, so they say. Checking in was easy and breezy.

We had ample time taking photo memoirs for baby Gian's first flying experience. That was the reason he was dressed as baby superman and I asked daddy to play matchy-matchy. 

Kyla on the other hand was dressed comfortably in her I Love NY barbie dress and tagged along her puppy bag as accessory. More about her OOTD here

Well, she's already considered an expert traveler by now. Even before she permanently joined us here in Singapore, she has been travelling to and fro PH and SG at the age of 3. 

My precious two. Let me baptize them with their initials K (Kyla) and G (Gian) so I'll be using their initials from now on.

My mom thought it was too early for G to be travelling but this trip is actually a treat for Kyla's 10th birthday. We thought 10 was a perfect age to let one of her big childhood dreams come true as her adolescent years are looming just around the corner. 

Hubby and I are also celebrating our 5th anniversary this year so it is sort of an advance celebration. Need not mention hubby holds the same birthdate as K and baby Gian just turned 1 year old last month.

Hubby said it's an all-in-one celebration for the family. Smart saver tips! Haha!

Tip from a self-proclaimed wanderlust and cheap fashion enthusiast: Travel in style. Play dress up with your family and have fun.

Loved how everyone recognized baby superman and the airline crew reminded hubby that he forgot to wear his underpants. LOL!

And when you travel with kids, never ever forget to bring entertainment on board. iPad comes in handy and make sure it's loaded with your children's favourite movies and shows.

G enjoyed watching his Baby Einstein and when he fell asleep, K watched Lorax with daddy.

It was a very pleasant ride. G doze off 15 minutes after taking off. He woke up briefly when he heard the click sound when I opened the window at lunchtime but he doze off again. It must be really comfortable in mommy's embrace.

I ended up being fed by Mond and K alternately while having a tender moment watching G sound asleep in my arms. Talk about mommy perks. Can't get enough of his long eyelashes.  :D

When we checked the weather forecast before leaving Singapore, it was supposed to be raining but because we prayed really hard Mr Sun was actually out when we finally touched down at Hong Kong International Airport at around 2pm. 

We were greeted by Hong Kong's low lying mountains and tall buildings. It reminded me of the day we landed at Penang Island. 

The queue at the immigration counter was overwhelming. We waited for almost an hour to reach the end of the line. Whew! That never happened to us in Singapore. Although HK Int'l Airport and Changi Airport are equally modern, nothing beats service standard in Singapore. #JustSayin'

Everyone told us to take the blue taxi but when we reached the taxi stand, hubby found out it was the red taxi that offers the cheapest rate so we took the red taxi all the way to Disney's Hollywood Hotel. We wanted to explore the MTR (equivalent of Singapore's MRT) but we are running out of time. 

Imagine our excitement when we saw this sign. We are a couple of minutes away in reaching K's Disneyland dream.

A few minutes later, we finally reached our destination. "I can't believe we are really here! Thank you daddy and mommy!!!", K exclaimed out of extreme excitement. She was teary eyed while giving us a hug. No. I am not exaggerating. :D 


  1. Enjoyed immensely reading your post Che, yeah, Superman forgot his underpants? You really have a way of making everything FUN, i love the dressing up idea. True, 10 is a perfect age for Disney! Glad you all had fun!

  2. Aww! That was a very fun and memorable family getaway you've had! Thanks for sharing some HongKong glimpses through your lens. I love it, as I haven't been to HK yet! :)

    Thanks for joining and TT and sorry for my late hop. I am inviting you once again for a brand new week of TT sharing. Linky is now up; hope to see you! :)

  3. Looks like a wonderful family vacation! You have a lovely family :-) Visiting from Tuesday Travels :-)

  4. What a fun filled of family trip to HongKong, never been their :-) Beautiful pictures and views too Sis :-) Thank you for sharing :-) Dropping by from TT

  5. oh! the agony of group tour!
    on one hand, everything's sort of taken care already, on the other,
    your trips are always time constraint and sometimes, forced visits from unknown jelwelry/ tea stores and what not.
    love every foto of you and your family.
    and I want what Kyla's wearing too, haha! she looks gorgeous! ^0^

  6. we never tried the group tours either. we dont like the thought of being with the crowd and have to wait for them to go anywhere. my husband and i like to take our time and enjoy the place and also the food. =)

    by the way.. your little girl is very pretty.
    visiting from TT here is mine

  7. A superman papa and a superbaby.

    Where was the superwoman?

  8. Looks like such a great trip and you do have such a beautiful family!! Such for for all of you, Cher! Hope you have a great week!

  9. thanks Sylvia! have a great week too. :)

  10. Sweet memoirs, indeed! ;-) What a wonderful family vacation and celebration of birthdays and your anniversary!

  11. thanks Lindy! wonderFULL indeed. :D

  12. hi there twinzy! super love all the photos here! Gian is so cute and Kyla as lovely as always, you and Mond are gorgeous as ever and weeeeeee what a great adventure you had! looking forward to the next post! psssttt you can import your previous comments to yah! :-)

  13. love yah twinzeeeeeeee!!! yup, it takes a few days daw to import. they will let me know via email. :)

  14. oh, I thought I already left a comment here through cell phone, but it was through blogger comment box in cell phone, maybe does not appear here. anyway, glad for you Che, to have granted Kyla her wish, I believe 10 is indeed very ideal for Disney adventure, and yes, so clever of you and Mond to have "tipid trips tips", all in one celebration :)

  15. haha! we are the master of katipiran. :)
    thanks for taking time to comment again, Beth! Disqus is on the process of importing blogger comments. ;)

  16. What a happy family. You are all blessings to each other. Enjoy more happy family adventures.