Apple vs Samsung (Kid's Version)

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When my mom went back to the Philippines last March, we were forced to buy cellphone for K. Yes. The key word is forced. Up to this day, I still believe K doesn't really need a cellphone at the age of 10.  If kids her age have their own iPads and iPhones, we prefer to let her use such modern gadgets under our supervision.

To make the story short, I hesitantly signed up a student plan that came with a $0 Samsung phone (can't remember which model but definitely not one of the Galaxy S 1, 2 and 3) so that she could call home for my aunt to fetch her from school everyday. 

Waiting for her at the parent's corner in school everyday (without her calling first) has become inconvenient for my aunt (without my mom's help) since baby G was born. That made us give up the no-phone-until-Secondary-1 (1st year highschool) policy. 

So last week while watching TV, the news about the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit was aired. K panicked.

K:     Mom, I don't want to use Samsung phone anymore.
Me:  Why? What's the problem with your Samsung phone?
K:    You and daddy are both using iPhone which is an Apple product. LATER YOU GO AND SUE ME!!!
Me:  Rolled and laughed out loud. Hahahahahaha!


  1. oh dear K. ^0^
    i wasn't there when she panicked but this is just funny. ^0^

  2. hahaha, this is so funny, so cute of K :) hehehehe

  3. wahahahahahah I love you K! hehehehe :-)