Chef Mickey Breakfast Buffet

Chef Mickey is housed in Disney's Hollywood Hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. 

Mickey and friends are all over the wall of the restaurant. 

The interior is filled with the iconic Mickey logo. Check out the ceiling!

Table setting is simple yet vibrant. 

Your children will surely love the Mickey pancake and Mickey banana cake.

And the uber-cute Disney Dim Sum Little Pig Barbeque Pork Bun is equally irresistable!

It runs out real fast! Look how the other guest is trying to grab the last piece while I photographed the bun. Lol!

K's first kiss: Little Pig. Lol!

Mommy's pick are: Smoked Salmon (had lots of this),

Bacon (we don't really eat bacon on a regular basis so I also pigged out on this),

Assorted cold cuts (talk about guilty pleasures!),

Assorted dumplings (mouthwatering!)

Crabmeat and Salmon Congee, Japanese Style (very generous in salmon and crabmeat)

and fruit cereal (healthier choice, filled with fresh yummylicious fruits!)

Other choices of food includes: cereals with fresh milk, fresh vegetable salads, and fresh fruits,

Japanese food, 

Bread and your choice of jam,

and pastriesI love the croissant, I actually ate it on its own. 

This is also nice. Forgot what it's called.

You can also order your choice of food and the chef will cook for you.

There's also an Indian food in case you fancy having some. 

Chef Mickey is very kid/family friendly, they actually have plenty of high chairs and they also have plastic Mickey Mouse plates for the younger ones. The ambiance and food is great too.

I just made myself super hungry! How about you? Drooling much? Lol!

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  1. uh oh, i forgot if i have commented about this post already or not. ^-^
    anyways, i can;t help but review your buffet breakfast again,
    the plethora of choices were just too many!
    like you, i can't help those bacons either, one of my faves. hehe,
    never mind the cholesterol. ^0^
    and those uber cute piggie dumplings are just tempting.
    esp, with lovely Kyla's pose.

  2. it surely is fun to eat in that fancy restaurant.

  3. i still have to find a hotel here that serves dimsum for breakfast buffet, i wish we have :) like you Che, I also usually feast on those smoke salmon, :) or sashimi :) but i think my favorite here is that piggy dimsum :) haha, and siomai and...

  4. merely viewing the food shots makes me super hungry here hahaha and unable to make up my mind which to eat first mentally hahahah....I think I will have the fruit cereal first hahaha, such a cute place!!!

  5. psssstttt misss yooouuuuueeewwww twinzy pots!!!

  6. oh! i wish i were having breakfast right then and there!
    i would've feast on those salmons and bacons too,
    i love bacons! ^0^