4 Cute Towel Animal Designs

Sometimes I wonder how some people are overflowing with creative juices while I have none.  I think I was deep in slumber when the God of artists gave out artistic talent hence I didn't get anything. LOL! These  4 creations are too cute! They brought smiles to our faces during our stay at Disney's Hollywood Hotel. Which one do you like most?



  1. I'm glad they brought a smile to your face. I love towel folding. It's easy to do some of the towel origami creations, while other creations take a lot of practice. Could you please post these photos on our towel origami fan page as well? I'd really appreciate it: http://www.facebook.com/cruiseshiptowelfolding . Keep up the great work.

  2. maybe not creative in making cute towels like this Che because you have not tried doing that yet, but definitely I will disagree with you that you did not get any creative talent since just the design of your blog alone already shows how creative you are, so love your footer about daddy, mommy, ate and buns. your blog's design is so neatly done and so pleasing to the eyes, plus your photographs are always awesome.

  3. These are adorable, Cher. We stayed in a hotel in coastal Florida once that had a sweet towel dog on our bed to greet us. I took his picture, too.

    I don't know what you are talking about with the "lacking creative juices" comment. Absolutely not true! Your photos are amazing, and I loved seeing your "color" pix a few posts ago--especially the blue, white, and green family photo.