Hong Kong Disneyland Park (Day 2)

Hong Kong Escapade (Day 2)

Warning: This is a very detailed and long post of the longest family day we've ever had. Please have some  finger foods and thirst quencher beside you while reading. LOL!

 19th of August 2012
First things first, we thanked and praised God for a beautiful sunny day. It was supposed to be raining according to the weather forecast but the heavens heard all our fervent prayers.

Around 7am
"The most awaited day has come. We're going to the happiest place on earth!", K exclaimed referring to none other than Hong Kong Disneyland Park. We normally have a hard time waking her up every morning but that fateful morning was a Guinness Record in the page of my motherhood book. She woke up right away after hearing daddy said, "Wake up everyone! We're not here to sleep!!!" Haha! 

That made me jump out of the comfy bed too in a cool morning (thanks to the A/C). We alternately took a bath while waiting for baby G to wake up. The photo above wasn't really the scenario the whole night. He actually slept between me and Mond because we're too scared he'll jump out of the baby cot while we were sound asleep. We only transferred him on the cot when we're all awake and made sure somebody is watching him. 

Around 8am
Obviously, baby G was the last one to bathe. Good thing he is such a good boy. As long as he sees mommy's face when he wakes up, he doesn't throw any tantrum of sorts. It was a breeze bathing him and prepping him up. We made it to the buffet breakfast at Chef Mickey around 8am. After feeding baby G, we let him watch Baby Einstein on iPad so that we all can have breakfast in peace. Haha!

More about Chef Mickey in a separate blog post but here's a teaser. Piggy dumplings and Mickey Mouse Pancakes! Oh am geeeeee!!! They are too cute to be eaten. 

Around 9:45am
We're able to catch the shuttle bus right before the park opens at 10am. 

K kept herself busy checking out the park's brochure on board the shuttle bus. 

Around 10 am
And when we finally reached the happiest place on earth, K's happiness was overflowing. Weeeeeeee!!!

It was written too hot in here all over our faces but we still managed to smile. Hahaha! We are already soaked from sweat at the entrance. But heck, who are we to complain when God granted our wish not to rain? Tiis ganda lang (gotta bear the heat) like Camille Co. Hehehe! 

Lesson and tip no. 1: 
If you have a choice, visit Disneyland during winter. It is better to wear fashionable winter clothes/accessories than sweat like mad. If not, wear your most comfortable shorts and tops, bring umbrella and battery operated fan, and bring lots of water/isotonic drinks during summer. The heat is dehydrating and energy draining. 

Our first stop: Mickey and Minnie Mouse photo opp.

It took us around 30 minutes or so to have a photo opp with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Worth the wait 'coz both K and baby G got a kiss from Mickey Mouse. K was ecstatic while baby G was a bit puzzled. LOL! After the fun-filled photo opp, we're set to check out the major attractions of the park.

Major Attractions of Hong Kong Disneyland Park

1) Main Street, USA

K commented that the Main Street, USA and the Hollywood at Universal Studios Singapore looked very similar. Such an observant, I only realize after she said so. Haha! 

Caught the Main Street Taxicab and

some Main Street entertainment.

We didn't explore much of the place. We missed out Art of Animation, Muppet Mobile Lab, Animation Academy and Main Street City Hall. K photographed the buildings around like the City Hall while my hands are full with baby G. I haven't downloaded it from our old digicam.

2) Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad

We hopped on to the recreated antique trains that chug along like Thomas and Friends.

Everyone was curious what surprises await us along the journey. 

We tremendously enjoyed the wondrous view on board the steam-powered locomotive.

  Click here to watch what we have experienced. 

3) Fantasyland

As its name implies, it's indeed a land of fantasies. 

K had a blast at the Sleeping Beauty Castle, 

Pixie Hollow, 

Cinderella Carousel, 

and Dumbo the Fying Elephant. 

We missed out Mickey's PhilarMagic, The Golden Mickey's Show, Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Snow White Grotto, and Mad Hatter Tea Cups. The queue to the rides and shows can drive you crazy. 

Lesson and tip no. 2: Try to avoid peak season like Sundays and long weekends (it was Hari Raya holiday the next day). The crowd can be overwhelming. I wonder if there is a so-called off peak season at Disneyland. If there is, go on off peak season.

Lesson and tip no. 3: One day will never be enough to explore the whole place. Get 2 day tickets and take Disney's FASTPASS. 

4) Flights of Fantasy Parade

The Flights of Fantasy Parade is a must-see and not to be missed. Check my separate blog post about the parade here. I made sure K will get to see the parade. I accompanied her under the scorching heat of the sun (I wonder why they schedule the parade at 1pm) while daddy took care of sleeping baby G. 

5) Tomorrowland

After the parade, I was hungry as a big dinosaur but K was still full of energy. "Mommy, we're in Tomorrowland! I thought you were just fooling me when you told me that such place exists."  she said apologetically. Haha! 

Before going for a ride at the Orbitron, we grabbed a quick lunch at the Starliner Diner inside Tomorrowland.

When I said quick, I meant really quick! Look how fast we rummaged the chicken fingers. We better be quick or else we'll miss out a lot of rides and sights. LOL!

There we go, fully recharged! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! With matching wave like beauty queens. LOL!

K managed to catch some street entertainment after the Orbitron ride. They are trying to show how the street of tomorrow looks like. 

Before leaving Tomorrowland's premises, K took a quick photo opp with Buzz Lightyear. We missed out the Space Mountain, Autopia, Stitch Encounter, and UFO Zone. 

6) Adventureland

Our next stop; Adventureland! By that time, we were 2 to 3 shades darker already. LOL!

Major attractions at the Adventureland are the Tarzan Island 

 and the Jungle River Cruise. Can you spot the mommy and baby elephant? 

There are pirates that are assigned to entertain the crowd too. K thought they look cool. 

We missed out the Festival of the Lion King theatrical show and Liki Tikis water play.

I am taking a break from here. I've used up my lunch break and I am not done just yet. Watch out for the two newest addition to Hong Kong Disneyland Park's major attractions; The GRIZZLY GULCH and TOY STORY LAND. Promise, I'll come back here to finish this post (the longest post I've had so far). Tune in, will you? 


Hey yo! I'm baaaaack!!! Let's get back to the blogging business. Haha! I am not paid for this though.

As promised, here it is:

7.) Grizzly Gulch

Grizzly Gulch is one of the two newest attraction at HK Disneyland Park. The place is a bit rough and it caters more to boys so I asked the hubby to accompany K in exploring the place. I took the chance to feed baby G some snacks (bought a few bottles of Heinz organic food for him for the first time) whilst taking a rest under the shade.

Their first stop: Friends of the Wild West at Wild West Fun. K didn't get a up-close encounter with Mickey and Minnie mouse as they were set to leave for another parade.

Then they headed to the Grizzly Gulch Jail for some photo fun.

When I said photo fun, you be the judge. Meet my girl a.k.a The Wild Cat. LOL!

Mond had a hard time convincing K to try the Runaway Mine Cars. K got scared with all the blasting sound she heard inside the cave.

So they end up checking out the Geyser Gulch instead of taking the ride. This instantly reminded me of my wanderwoman friend Betchai. Can't get enough of all her awe-inspiring geyser (real ones) posts. With all honesty, I don't know what geyser is until I read her Fire and Ice vacation.

Photo Caption: Daddy let's go back, it's too hot in here!!! 
The truth is, she's scared daddy will drag her to ride the Runaway Mine Cars. Hehehe!

8) Toy Story Land

Say hello to Woody! Like I said earlier, Toy Story Land is one of the two newest attractions at HK Disneyland. I have to say both Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land added charm and more fun to the park.

Still managed to smile though by that time, I was suffering from a pounding headache due to hot weather. Check out how we turned 50 shades darker already!!! Exaggeration overload. LOL!

Baby G loved this part of the Toy Story Land. Maybe because those huge letters looked very familiar to him.

We had photo opp at the Barrel of Fun although we didn't catch the Woody mascot.

Another photo opp before going for the Slinky Dog Spin with Andy(?) Can't remember all the characters in Toy Story.

Baby G is already yawning yet K is still full of energy. MomME on the other hand smiles to the max despite her headache. Hehehe!

At the Slinky Dog Spin ride. Baby G was supposed to ride with us (apparently it's allowed ) but he fell asleep in daddy's arms. K, ikaw na ang batang walang kapaguran (you're a child who never get's tired)! LOL.

After the Sinky Dog Spin, I finally gave up. I took a much needed rest while K and hubby went for the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. I warned K that it is scarier than the Runaway Mine Cars because I took a similar ride when I was on a company tour in Taiwan. When they "drop" you, it feels like your soul will be taken away from you. Pramis!  However, due to K's current Science parachute project she insisted to take the ride with daddy. After the ride, I couldn't decipher her facial expression. LOL!

We missed out the U-shaped RC Racer (which looked equally scary to me), the Toy Soldier Boot Camp (you can spot the Toy Soldiers in the crowd in the above photo), and the Cubot.

After having checked out all the main attractions, the DLSR camera battery died. We went for dinner while waiting for the fireworks display. I wish I could share the photos taken from my phone but they are not of good quality. On that note, I'll end this long post here. :)

This post is part of our Hong Kong Travel Documentary series:


  1. oh yes, when you are in a trip like this, lunch is on the go, that's what we do too, buy food to go, get in long line and eat while in line :) haha, that's why it's all about finger foods :) also, yes, one day is not enough especially if you do not have a fast pass, and so true about summer vs winter trip to disney :) enjoyed the photos Che, felt like i was with you too.

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    you're right, you have to plan for disneyland if you really want to make the trip worthwhile.
    and get fast pass as soon as you enter.
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    btw, mommy Cher looks stunning as ever amidst the weather! ^0^

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