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SOLD.SG LETS USERS "CHOOSE THE WAY THEY SHOP" WITH THE LAUNCH OF ITS NEW SHOP AND SALE SITE, ADDING TO THEIR POPULAR PAY-TO-BID AUCTION MODEL., Singapore's premier online shopping destination soft launched the Shop and Sale sites on the 18th of September 2012. Shop lets shoppers elect to buy an item outright and it offers immediate gratification. It caters for "busy shopaholic" individuals like me. With a full time work and two kids in tow, I seldom get the chance to hop from one shop to another to find and check out some lifestyle products and gadgets I fancy inside shopping malls. At, I can shop conveniently during my lunch break at work. If I see something I like, I can make an instant purchase and have my purchase delivered right at my doorstep. Sale is tailor-made for shoppers who love to get big bang for their bucks, a.k.a the experts. If you love sale items like I do, this site is for you. Just take note that on-sale products are available at a limited period of time so please do check out the sale end if you don't want to miss the product you are dying to have at discounted price. 

The existing Auction site offers competitive shopping experience by bidding for products. It is perfect for thrill seeking online shoppers/gamers who has ample time to bid and wait until they win the product they are rooting for. They also incorporated more features to enhance shoppers/gamers' experience. To bid, all you need to do is register, buy tokens and bid to your heart's content. 

So, you may be wondering what products can you buy from

Fancy some Chanel goods?

Star Wars Lego, anyone?

Looking for a new camera with awesome features?

Cool headphones?

Quality speakers?

Are you a lady looking for a gift for your man?

Or a man looking for a gift for your lady?

If you are none of the two and you are a mom like me, you can also find gifts for your kids at

You can even find limited edition stuff that you can add to your collections.

Whatever floats your boat, you may be able to find it at

"One of the things that sets apart from all the other online shops is the idea of Soldger curation, meaning every product you see on the site was hand-chosen because of its craftmanship, unique provenance, amazing aesthetics and unfailing qualities." says co-founder and the products team lead Angeline Tham. In short, buy anything from and you are assured to get value for your money.

The products team will continue to carefully curate all products in the lifestyle and gadgets realm, to ensure items are of the highest quality or at the best of their category. Consumers can also expect to see items that they may not find in other online stores. ~ Excerp from the PRESS RELEASE

The site has undergone a complete redesign, with a sophisticated new user interface. From the main page, consumers can view the Shop, Sale and Auction pages. They can find out which auctions are ending soon, which products are selling quickly, and what's on sale. 

"The new will bring more choice to our users and allow them to experience entertainment shopping at its best". Team

What are you waiting for?

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  1. uy hayee twinzy back to blogger comment box ka na hurray!! wow has such a sophisticated user interface :-)and who doesn't love items for sale! whew,:D

  2. wow, soon you'll be able to enjoy free shipping as well from your online purchases since i noticed most online retail stores offer free shipping only to US/Canada. Way to go

  3. wow shopping is great..

  4. Faciful marketing and advertising only.

    The auction site crash often.
    Auctions can be closed, extended and reopened by administrator.
    Delayed deliveries.
    No original receipts for items. No valid warranties.

    see for list of complaints.