Launch Party @ Hummerstons

Thanks to the kind folks of for inviting me to's Launch Party.

Before the event, I was invited (along with other fellow bloggers) to tour inside's office at Mohamed Sultan Road opposite Robertson Walk. Went straight from work hence my outfitey is inappropriate. Lol!

Their motto: Keep Calm and Soldger On

We met the hardworking guys behind the successful one-stop online shop,

After the tour, we were welcomed with a great party atmosphere at the Hummerstons Restaurant & Bar.

The registration area is bustling with crowd. We were given a generous door gift after registration.

I took a quick pose at the photo booth. My hat was way too high. Lol!

There's a free flow of finger foods, wine and champagne.

I tremendously enjoyed the lovely ambiance,

great food,

 and great company.

At the climax of the party, the MC of the night gave the floor to the three young and energetic founders of

Meet Chan Chiou Hao, a seasoned entrepreneur and an Iron Man wannabe. He spent 15 years in the IT field.

Up next is Angeline Tham, a self-confessed trance lover and gamer. She spent 5 years in banking.

And last but definitely not the least, Tian Quiyan, a tennis enthusiast and apparently Angeline's bestfriend in their secondary school days. She spent 4 years in banking.

These three amazed me. They are very young and successful people. I am guessing they are a decade younger than me and they make me wonder what was I doing in life 10 years ago. (PS. I must be sleeping in street corners. Lol!)

This is the baby of the three young entrepreneurs. It is a one-stop online shop for all things entertainment and lifestyle. I wrote a thorough feature of the site HERE.


  1. Great event and a fun experience for everyone. Oks naman yung 'high hat' picture.

  2. Very nice launch party you got there sis! The food, especially the sushi is really tempting! I like it.

  3. Perks of being a blogger... got to meet lots of friends too... great post :)

  4. Oh i wish we have this kind of media invite here too :) yes Che, they are very young, e commerce businessmen usually are young coz they are so tech savvy.

  5. Looks like everyone had fun during the event! :)

  6. how cool! looks like a fun and inforamtive event.

  7. i was just reading this earlier from my cell phone, now i appreciate more your smiles Che, you look so pretty and fresh despite coming from work. indeed, they are very young, but most successful e-businessmen are very young, they are the ones who made the most of the technology challenge :)

  8. You played with your Barbie doll 10 years ago.

    I saw that!

    Didn't you?

  9. hi there dimples! so love your beauty twinzy!!!

  10. I bet you have lots of fun during that party....

  11. Wow, you are one lucky blogger. Being invited to important events such as that is one of the many privileges of being a blogger.

    Looks like it was such a fun night!

  12. you look refreshingly stunning despite your off "outfitey" get up. ^0^
    i can say that you did had a gr8 time joining this event.
    in fact, i did a quick visit to their site as well.
    more power to them and their business. ^-^

  13. cool. i just hope i'd get the same opportunity to be invited at one of or same as these events.

    it'd be an awesome experience. cheers for sharing! :)