Baby G's Development at 15 Months

October 23, 2012

Warning: This post is full of mother's adoration to her child and full of LOL. Please bear with it.

Baby G on Instagram 
Meet my Captain Adorable! Haha! His onesie said so. LOL! Oh how time flies! (I know, i know... I always say that and I sound like a broken recorder, LOL). Baby G turns 15 months old today and oh boy, we officially have a BIG boy in da haus! 

Here are the noteworthy things about baby G: 

1) He just had his 1st haircut which made him look a year older and on the 7th of September 2012 (at 1.1 y/o), he finally let go of his fear and decided to walk by himself. As of today, we are all having a hard time running after him. LOL! 

2) When the song "if you're happy and you know it" plays on his Baby Einstein and he's in good mood, he would clap his hands, do his best to stamp his feet (he sort of try to jump instead, LOL) and raises his hands when he hears the word hooray. Too adorable to watch!

3) When I teach him to count using my fingers, he would attempt to do it himself and mumble tyu! tee! while trying to raise his fingers too. Oh, how I wish he will continue to love numbers! LOL.

4) When he sees the letters of the alphabet, he also mumbles ey, blah blah blah (baby language that are too difficult to comprehend, LOL). 

5) Baby G has got big appetite just like daddy. LOL. He loves snacking with fresh fruits/yoghurt/biscuits in between meals (he eats cereal with mashed fruit for breakfast and soft rice (porridge) with meat/veggie for lunch and dinner).

6) He is showing great interest in books. He loves flipping book pages, looking at drawings and feeling textures (got him the touchy-feely book series and he loved it!) I hope he will be another reading machine like his big sister.

7) He shakes his head to say NO. He's now very picky with his Baby Einstein series, if he doesn't like what is being played on the iPad, he will shake his head, grab my hand and guide it to switch to another show. Too clever. LOL.

8) He likes opening and closing cabinet doors and cupboards/drawers all around the house. Yes, he invades even the kitchen and he loves playing with pans! I hope he becomes a good cook when he grows up. LOL.

Please allow me to take note of his other developments:

* He likes banging two cubes together and giggles. 
* He takes naps once or twice a day. 
* He likes putting his toys in a container, takes them out again and the cycle continues. 
* He loves cruising furnitures (chairs and anything that he can afford to push around).
* He dances to music that he likes when he's in good mood.
* When he sees a train passing by in our neighborhood, he shouts "teyyyn, teyyyn" while pointing his finger.
* He understands simple commands like seat down and stand up.
* He pulls off his socks and hat when he remembers he had them on. LOL.
* He smiles at himself in the mirror. Self adoration? LOL.
* He likes digging his nose and ears. I know it's sorta eeeww. Hehehe.

My mom claims that baby G is super mabait, hindi iyakin compared to her other grandchildren that she took care. Thank God he's also very healthy just like his Ate K. We are very, very blessed. To God be the glory always. We love you baby G! We all hope and pray that you continue to grow as a healthy and happy baby! 


  1. Watching our babies grow just makes our hearts swell and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am utterly fascinated by every new development! Isn't our God an awesome God?

    Blessings for your precious family!!

  2. If he likes blogging, I shall then have another blogging friend.

  3. it's always a joy to read updates about baby G Che, I can just imagine him jumping when he hears tune he likes :) you so deserve all the LOLs :) and G deserves all the admiration and love :)

  4. oh! the pure joy of having kids as lovable as lil Gian and dear Kyla.
    i can;t help but smile when I read some of his usual habits. ^0^
    i think it's safe to say that at one point in our life, picking nose isn;t consider as taboo.
    God has continued to shower you and your family with love and happiness.