SAFRA Toa Payoh Open House

Last Saturday after work, the hubby and I took the kids to the SAFRA Toa Payoh Open House upon the kind invitation of Spot K skating her way to the SAFRA building in the photo above. 

Highlights of the Open House are Zorball Challenge, Treasure Hunt, Fire Twirling and Stunts, Stage Performances, Children's Arts and Craft Sessions and Parenting Talks. Since hubby and I had to work on the first half of the day, I only asked to pre-register us for the afternoon activities which includes the Zorball Challenge and Arts and Crafts Sessions.

Hubby and K are supposed to join the Dad & Kid Zorball Challenge but I forgot to bring their swim suits and on top of that, I thought the challenge will start at 3:30pm but it is actually at 3pm. K was very disappointed. Mommy has to do something with her forgetfulness. Suggestion anyone? LOL!

Good thing a kind SAFRA staff accompanied us to the Kidz Amaze after knowing that we couldn't join the Zorball Challenge anymore. K's eyes lit up when we were told that she could have a 30 minute playtime before her scheduled Arts and Craft activity. 

Kidz Amaze was unexpectedly huge! Apparently, it is one of Singapore's largest indoor playground. It caters to children aged 18 months and up. 

It also offers party rooms to host birthday parties and field trips. The rooms can accomodate up to 70 people. If you are interested, check out their party packages here

I registered K for the Make My Own Beads Coaster workshop. She likes doing this kind of stuff. Mahilig siya magbutingting ng maliliit na bagay. 

While her big sister is occupied making her own bead coaster, baby G kept himself busy by cruising with a kiddie stool. Look how fascinated he was in his mirror image. It's like "ang pogi ko pala" moment for him. LOL!

I find this family really cute. They all help each other in making a flower bead coaster while the littlest and very well-behaved mei mei watches them. I wonder when will baby G start to sit still like her. As of now, he's always on the move! LOL. 

Here's K's creation of bead coaster ready for ironing. Yes, you got it. She is mad about dogs. In fact she's been bugging us to buy a pet dog for her.

The bead coaster has to ironed so that the beads will stick together. There are two young ladies who helped the kids do the ironing. K had a blast with the bead coaster making workshop.

Before heading home, we grabbed a quick bite at one of our favorite eating place, Toast Box. At SAFRA Toa Payoh, you will never go hungry. There are a number of restaurants/food chains for you to choose from which includes McDonalds, Restaurant Hoshigaoka, Astons, Kkongdon Barbeque and more.

Yes, SAFRA Toa Payoh offers One Stop Learning, Non-stop Fun! They have a huge swimming pool both for kids and adults and they also have a gym. They also offer academic and music classes for children, as well as personal development and life skills programs for its members and NSmen.

Location: 293 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319387
Facebook Page: SAFRA
Twitter Account: @SAFRAsg


  1. Its really nice place for a family.

    Enjoyed your pics and narration :)

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  2. this is so cool, especially the art works, i bet the kiddos enjoyed a lot int there. oh! but about the forgetfulness, memory booster i guess.. lol

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