Top Tips For An Affordable Holiday

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These days everybody knows how easy it is to find cheap flights online. However, cheap flights alone do not guarantee an affordable holiday. If you want to make sure you can enjoy your getaway without worrying about the bank balance then just make sure you follow a few of these top tips.

Be willing to compromise
If you’re not going to accept anything less than a 5* resort over New Year’s Eve on a Caribbean Island you’re going to be thoroughly disappointed at the prices. If however, you’re willing to try something new you might just have the surprise of a lifetime when you have a wonderful time somewhere different – and all at a much, much lower price.

Go all-inclusive
One of the most expensive components of any holiday is the eating. Even if you budget for meals you’ll often find that by the end of the week you’ve spent far more than you initially planned. There is a way to make sure you don’t go over budget however – pay for everything before you even leave the UK. By going on an all-inclusive holiday you can relax on holiday knowing everything’s already been paid for.

Go self-catering
On the other hand, you could find a nice villa or apartment with self-catering facilities and do all or most of the cooking yourself. This can often save you plenty of money, and is ideal if you or your family have dietary requirements. On the other hand, if you’re not too fond of cooking in the first place than you probably won’t want to cook while on holiday.

Find holiday vouchers
A new take on the traditional holiday is to holiday through an offer site like Groupon. These sites tend to offer a wide variety of travel vouchers 
to many different destinations, so there’s usually something that’ll tickle your fancy. Since savings on holidays can reach as much as 70% few people object to trying somewhere new.

Go somewhere cheap
People are well aware that places which are touristy and considered to be “major holiday destinations” can be expensive, so even if you do manage to find cheap flights to these cities your holiday will end up costing you quite a bit. Instead why not try picking lesser-known locations, in less touristy areas. These places aren’t quite as popular with wealthier tourists so they aren’t as expensive, but this certainly doesn’t mean they don’t offer fantastic attractions, great weather, and most importantly of all a wonderful holiday experience.

Plan your activities in advance
If you’re simply planning to spend most of your time on the beach then you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to spend your time. However, if you want to get out and see the sights it’s worth doing a bit of research before you head off. Are there special tickets that will give you discounts to some of the top attractions? Are there savings to be had on a weekly public transport pass? Check all this out before you leave and reap the financial rewards. 


  1. sometimes it is not the budget its finding the time to get one. hahaha.. but thanks for the tips.. will take note on them for now until I find time to relax.. hahaha..

  2. looks very relaxing and peaceful...

  3. Thanks for the tips. It is more enjoyable to spend a budget friendly Holidays!

  4. I agree with you on the vouchers!

  5. that's true planning ahead of time is important..

  6. Yes if you want to save money use coupons and vouchers..

  7. thanks for sharing these tips Che, will be great help. :) as much as we want to plan our travel, sometimes we just can't...considering school and hubby's work, finding time is bit hard too, plus yes, the budget pa, 4 kaming full fare, hihihi. meron din palang groupon sg, meron din dito sa thailand, eh. :)

  8. Very helpful tips, sis. Bookmarked this one.

  9. right now, all i want to go is Philippines! hehe.. i miss PI so much. if only i have lots of datungs.. =(

  10. oh! I usually booked online without thinking about these. Thanks for sharing this po!

  11. Great tips Che, planning ahead always help in making the vacation stress free or less stress

  12. we don't go all-inclusive since we prefer to self tailored our activities, however, we do self-cater a lot of the times if we are not flying, since I prefer my own made meals which are thinner and more on veggies, since most the foods outside i can only eat once but if i have to eat 3x a day for several days, I feel sick and very weak, my stomach somehow can not absorb too much greasy or cream in foods.


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