Satisfy Your Craving, Grab 50% Off Pizzas at Domino's

Yes, you read it right! Domino's Pizza is offering their mouthwatering pizzas at half a price from today until Christmas Day!

Just use my coupon code when you order your pizza online ( or via iPhone app (DominosSg). 


How it works when you order via online:

STEP 1: Visit and start your order.

STEP 2: Select you preferred address and time and proceed to Redeem Coupons.
Step 3: Don't forget to key in my coupon code: BLG47

How it works when you order via iPhone App:

Just in case you haven't downloaded DominosSG iPhone App, download NOW!

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3. Remember my coupon code BLG47, share it to as many friends and family members you have in Singapore and enjoy your pizzas at half a price! 

How does 50% Off Pizza works? 

                  Pizza Size                                                Normal Price                                        After Discount  
                  Regular                                                      $22.80                                                   $11:40
                  Large                                                         $29.80                                                   $14.90
                  Extra Large                                                $35.80                                                   $17.90

Domino's Pizza guarantees:

30 minutes delivery

15 minute take-away

Product satisfaction

Free delivery

Nett Pricing

What are you waiting for? 

Order your pizza NOW! If you can't decide which pizza to order, check out my post here and here
Don't forget my COUPON CODE: BLG47. Feel free to share it with your family and friends! And please LIKE Dominos Pizza Singapore on Facebook too for latest promos and offers. 



  1. Awww, SG?!?! My husband and son are pizza addicts... will it ever happen here? :)

  2. Sometimes we eat Dominos as a quick meal. This is a good deal.

    I drink Oolong tea in my water bottle every day all day but it is not full strength - kind of sneaky of me. lol Our local Chinese buffet offers the tea for free with a meal so I had gotten used to it.

  3. I love Pizza! I wish e also have that here in the Philippines! :-)

  4. That's a lot of discount. Sayang, wala nyan sa Pinas.

  5. How I wish I am in SG too to avail of the 50% discount ;-) I wonder if they've got a branch down here?

  6. i love pizza too, sadly we don't have dominos here in Davao yet, thanks for sharing though :)

  7. half off price, interesting, to tell you the truth, i haven't tried domino's here yet, since my husband works in pizza hut, so i guess eating free pizza is more tasty than the other? hehehehe

  8. Alright! It's movie time and pizza, thanks for the code.

  9. this is cool! glad to know...we are having pizza tomorrow.

  10. Wow coupons that is a good idea to save some money...

  11. wow, this is cool...will share this post to my friends in SG...i am sure they will love this. :)

  12. 50% off, that is a great deal Che, and you are the bearer of the good good news, I am not sure if we have this same deal here, had not have pizza for long, and your post makes me want to have some now :)

    happy weekend to you, Mond, Kyla and Gian Che. Enjoy your media invites this weekend, so happy for you. wish something like that come my way too, haha! can't wait to see you soon!

  13. I miss Dominos Pizza here. I wish we have the same promo to avail such great savings.

  14. wow this is great! but i am not a fan of Dominos, I always love Pizza Hut and their $10 deal on any toppings. =D