Lunch at Aloha Ma Maison

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may be familiar by now with my penchant for themed restaurants. Just to refresh your memory, I particularly love restaurants that transport me to places just like Wild Honey. It's no surprise that when the hubby decided to give K a lunch treat after a presentation concert of Singapore Symphony Children's Choir (she's a member of the training choir) at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), I suggested we try Aloha Ma Maison which we found by chance while passing by Bugis Plus Mall (formerly known as Iluma).

The Hawaiian theme is prominent all over the place. There are garlands, surfing board, nipa hut, Hawaiian costume and more. Even the waiters are dressed in blue polo shirts with pineapple prints. Very, very Hawaiian. 


These eye wall candies transport you instantly to Hawaii by just looking at them while eating. It would be fun and perfect if you wear shirts with Hawaiian theme when you dine there.


K and I ordered a lunch set that came with a corn soup and a fresh vegetable salad along with iced tea and choice of rice. Indulging on the soup and salad is a perfect way to start a healthy and happy meal.

The chicken loving girl ordered this Weekly Chicken Lunch Set. She was so happy it suited her taste. (You know how kids can be picky, right?) She said she will order the same thing if she ever gets the chance to eat there again. Price: $12.90

Pasta + Salmon + Mushroom and more = HEAVEN to me. This is called the Salmon Steak Set. I will definitely order the same thing too next time. Price: $13.90

I am slightly health conscious when eating out (as in very slight, haha!) so I chose brown rice over the usual white rice. Can't remember exactly what it's called. What I do know is it is a healthier choice. 

On the contrary, when hubby eats out he takes out diet in his vocabulary! Haha! He ordered this signature Ma Maison Burger with beef, onion, tomato, avocado, fried egg and brown sauce. Price: $12.80++ (without drinks, soup and salad)


I'd give the service 8 out of 10. Not bad at all. The staff were very friendly and attentive. I just don't know why it took so long for hubby's burger to arrive. K and I were about to finish eating our meals when it was served.


Price points are considerably cheap (much cheaper than Kraze Burgers at MBS), the food presentation and taste passed our standards (warning: our standards may extensively vary from yours), service was great despite the delay and the ambiance is excellent (for us at least because we had a quick getaway to Hawaii). 

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Location: Bugis + Mall, #01-12
Contact: 68844471
Facebook Page: Ma Maison Restaurant Singapore

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  1. Hmmmmm the thought of burger is making me hungry haha I officially started another diet regimen yesterday weee but reading your awesome review of Aloha Ma Maison is making me give up hahaha ....the corn soup and fresh vegetable salad look and sound definitely healthy and appetizing...happy weekend Twinzy!!! Working tomorrow until Sunday morning :)love yah

  2. I am thinking of Hawaiian dance....

  3. at first, i really thought it you've gone to Hawaii :), the foods looks so delish i started to starve. 

  4. Oh my golly, my eyes are feasting on your photos of food and beautiful ambiance!

  5. The food looks great. The ambiance is fabulous. And the price of the food is amazing. 

  6. Looks enticing! Thank goodness I just had my supper but these pics made me hungry again. I would like to taste that pasta/salmon dish. It looks very sumptuous!

    I was in Bugis last July but didn't realize they have this restaurant there. Will check it out on our next visit to Singapore.

  7. Seems a cozy place to stay the night. Love the foods too. 

  8. The restaurant looks so nice! Love the food shots too :)

  9. I love food blogs! When I am hungry, it feels like I am at the perfect restaurant already. When I am full, my oh my, it feels like my tummy still has room for one more meal! LOL.

    Looks like a great place to feast on! Great food photography, too!

  10. That Tuna Steak Set looks delicious in fact, I craved for one right at this second :-) The Corn soup is appetizing  ... I need to take a break after this visit ... heading to my kitchen hahaha ... food is my weakness .

  11. oh would so love to try that pasta+salmon+mushroom che, the cook in me is now again motivated to whip this up and serve on our table :) 

  12. nice! love those novelty decors...looks cool! the food looks appetizing...:)

  13. I only get to see Hawaii when we had a layover from the Philippines. I'd like to try their cuisine and that pasta with mushroom makes my mouth waters! 

  14. those food looks yummy. I'll be happy to have the rice.

  15. the vibe of the place looks calm and peaceful i bet all the food are yummy..

  16. Good thing I've already eaten my breakfast here, otherwise I will be starving so hard. You have sumptuous foods out there. 

  17. Nice design of the place. Food looks good and delish! 

  18. considerably cheap imo and nice presentation too. ^0^
    i think i'd probably order the same thing as K's.
    haha! chicken girl din kasi.
    nice photos btw.
    good lighting.

  19. Drooling here! T_T 
    I find it cool for a Japanese Cafe that serves Hawaiian dishes! :) hehehe ♥ 

  20.   YAY! What a delightful yummy treat! Looks like the resto has that cozy ambiance. Thanks for making me drool. LOL!