Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies

We are blessed to have wonderful friends who gifted Baby Gian baby stuff when he was born. If you are looking for gift ideas for newborn babies, here are some of the gifts Baby Gian received before and after birth. Some of it are from daddy, mommy and ate Kyla. :)

1) Shears Baby Blanket

2) MAM BPA Free Baby Bottles and Other MAM Baby Products

3) Lucky Baby Dip 'n Fold Up Baby Bathtub

4) Baby Gap Long Sleeve Onesies

5) Sesame Beginnings Newborn Babywear Gift Set

6) Pigeon Newborn Baby Gift Set

7) Carter's Bodysuits

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  1. Looking forward to the other gift G is so lucky everything here...the baby gift sets are awesome :) kiss your gorgeous little BF for me will yah! :D psssttt at work and commenting through phone :)