The Dentist Is In

If there is one thing I'm very strict about in our household, it's about maintaining good oral hygiene. As evident in the photo above, K and the hubby are blessed with a nice set of teeth and healthy gums. I always tell nag them to take good care of their "asset". 

Revelation: I am a licensed dentist in my home country but I have not been practicing my profession since I moved to Singapore a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, I play as my family's personal dentist at home. Upon reaching home from work everyday, I put on the invisible door sign that says; The Dentist Is In.

Here's the usual scenario at home before bed time:

Me: Here's your warm milk sweetie! It's good for your teeth and bones.

K: Thank you, Mommy! You make the best milk in the world! I looooove you! *hugs me* (She has to say and do that partly because she doesn't want to move her butt and go to the kitchen to make her own milk. LOL.) 

Me: You are welcome, sweetie! You know what to do after drinking your milk.

K: Yes, Mom! Brush my teeth thoroughly and floss. 

Me: Good. Let me check your teeth after flossing, okay? If you don't pass the inspection, you'll have to brush your teeth and floss again. (Yes, I am super strict like that. LOL)

K: Ooooookaaaaaaaaay. *said lazily* 

Me: Someday you will thank me, sweetie! You don't want to loose any of your permanent teeth, do you?

K: Nooooooooo! I want to keep all my teeth. I can't imagine myself without a front tooth when I grow older. 

Me: Great! Then you better do a good job in brushing and flossing, okay?

K: Yes, Mommy dentist! *said with enthusiasm and smiles sweetly with matching twinkling eyes and dancing curly lashes*

Healthy Gums + Healthy Teeth = Healthy You

Just for today, please allow me to be your dentist as well. Let me share with you on how proper gum care can lead to healthy gums and healthier you. Here are some FAQs:

Q: Why is "gum care" important to everyone?

A: By properly taking care of your gums, you can expect lower incidence of gum disease, better oral and general health, and healthier and more beautiful smile. 

Q: What is gum disease?

A: Gum disease is an infection of the gums, supporting tissues and bones which hold the teeth. It is caused by the build up dental plaque (a filmy deposit on the surface of a tooth consisting of a mixture bacteria, bits of food and saliva) around the gums. If left untreated, it produces toxins, causing red and swollen gums which lead to gum disease.

Q: What is the impact of gum disease on general health?

A: Gum disease is a risk factor that can trigger other health ailments.

Cerebrovascular (Stroke) - 2.8 x higher possibility
A new study of fatty deposits lodged in the carotid arteries of stroke sufferers shown that, if the gums are inflamed, up to 40% of the bacteria that cause the deposits comes from the mouth!

Cardiovascular Disease - 3.1 x higher possibility
Bacteria from the mouth can get into the bloodstream when the gums are inflamed. They can get mixed up with blood-clotting cells called platelets. These clumps of cells and bacteria can lodge inside the walls of the blood vessels causing heart-stopping clots to form. These clots lead to heart disease.

Diabetes - 6.1 x higher possibility
The presence of any gum inflammation can make it much more difficult for a diabetic to control their blood sugar. Elimination of any gum inflammation can directly improve diabetic control.

Pre-term births - 7.9 x higher possibility
Women with gum disease are seven to eight times more likely to give birth prematurely to low birth weight infants. Researchers believe that low grade gum inflammation causes the body to release inflammatory chemicals which are linked to pre-term birth.

Studies proved that gum disease:

  • contributes to the development of heart disease
  • increases the risk of stroke
  • can pose a serious threat to people whose health is compromised by diabetes
  • increases a pregnant woman's risk of having pre-term births

For your ease of understanding, please refer to above illustration about the Stages of Gum Disease. Furthermore, another frequently asked question is this: My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. Is it normal? You can find the answer here.

You may want to start using Systema, the Gum Care Expert. Using advanced dental technology from LION - Japan's No.1 Oral Care Company, Systema Complete Gum Care System helps you build a strong foundation with its patented super-tapered soft and slim toothbrush (my family have been using it for more than a year now and we all love it because it is so gentle to the gums and it cleans the teeth thoroughly and effectively), gum care toothpaste (proven 4x better in helping to prevent gum problems), gum care mouthwash (its alcohol free formulation with Triple Impact Protection helps to prevent gum problems), and interdental brush and gel (helps removes  up to 95% of plaque between teeth and gums when used together with toothbrushing, it is highly recommended to people with wide interdental spaces, those wearing braces and bridges).

Click here for complete information about Systema Complete Gum Care System. 


Remember these basic things about oral hygiene:

  • Brush your teeth after meals (at least 2-3x a day). If you love snacking, rinse your mouth with water after munching on finger foods.
  • Avoid eating sweets. If you can't help it, drink plenty of water afterwards and brush if you must. 
  • Floss your teeth after tooth brushing. It will help prevent the build up of dental plaque in between your teeth and underneath you gums.
  • Visit a dentist at least twice a year for a dental check up and regular dental prophylaxis (professional cleaning). 
  • Change your toothbrush every 3 months or as and when necessary. If the bristles flare in less than 3 months, you must consider buying a new toothbrush. I highly recommend (disclaimer: I wasn't paid to do so) Systema soft toothbrush. Most dentists recommend using toothbrush with soft bristles. Remember this: soft doesn't necessarily mean inefficient.

Here's the handsome Elvin Ng with his secret to a healthy and beautiful smile. Enjoy the video and have a better understanding why you need to have a strong foundation for your oral health. 


  1. i want my dentist visits to be as short as possible, thus I do my best to keep my teeth and gums to be at their best so that my dentist will have an easy job cleaning my teeth every 6 months :)

  2. haha, i did not mean to send the comment yet, but it did already :) anyway, wanted to add, beautiful smiles from Kyla and Mond Che, am sure K is doing very well with her hygiene with you around.

  3. Very interesting post. It would be nice to have a complete set of teeth but I lost some already and it's really hard to have some dentures. It takes time to adjust so we need to take care of our teeth.

  4. The cost of dentist visit in Europe is too much that you sometimes think, is it worth it? To tell you honesty , they are not as good as our local dentists. Some clinics even use old method of doing this and that. When I say old it means obsolete in the Philippines. And that adds up to the hesitation. But still, paying them a visit is needed since they're still the experts. To avoid so much charges because of having problems with gums and teeth, proper care is totally necessary. Your words here are helpful to provide such care. Thanks doctor. 

    Read the

  5. Thanks for the tips, sis Dentist. your pointers will come handy sa apo kong si Pakoy. 

  6. I love this post. You remind me of my strict orthodontist when I was still in oral braces. She would repeatedly remind me to brush, floss and clean my braces and brackets for a healthier gums.

    I adapted a strict oral hygiene from her and instill the same kind of strictness to my family. I know the value of oral care and I don't want anyone from my family to suffer from any oral diseases because of negligence. It's hard to wear false teeth because some of my family members too. I had to see how they have to brush their false teeth separately and put adhesive powder so it won't throw or fall off when they laugh. They have to be careful with biting hard stuff. It's just too cumbersome.

    So, it's a no-brainer at all! For us, we value our permanent teeth so much that going to the dentist for our annual OP is a must. No excuses! :)

  7. Like you I am also OC with my kids teeth, you see I am not lucky to have healthy teeth and I don't want them to experience the way I had. So every 6 months I always see to it that my daughters would see their dentist. 

  8. Your family is lucky that they have a resident dentist, i'm pretty sure your daughter will be grateful for your reminders/nagging :) thanks also for the useful tips it made me one to see my dentist soon

  9. We teeth should have looked prettier if you are my mom.

  10. Oh sorry.

    My teeth should have looked prettier if you are my mom.


  11. This post reminds me na I need to visit my dentis soon. It is important talaga to focus on taking good care of our teeth. :)

  12. this is so nice, i like my dentist in Philippines more than here...the more you take care of your teeth the better it takes longer

  13. They have a good smile and I agree with you we need to taking care our teeth .Speaking of braces, I can't wait my braces will over soon. I am sick going every month to see my orthodontist.

  14. I love this photo, their smile is contagious.  It is very important to teach our kids   about dental hygiene at an early age.

  15. Aren't our kids so lucky and fortunate now that the parents in us are so prompt in making sure that they do and practice good oral hygiene? I do the same to my daughter, too. My parents weren't like that and there was not a regular trip to the dentist when I was growing up. That's why I always instill it to my daughter's thinking.

  16. A strict family dentist you are! Ang gaganda nga naman ng mga ipin nila. It's indeed a revelation that we have a dentist in you at FBF. Kumpletos rekados na tayo, Dokie! Hehehe.

    Thanks for being our dentist today. I learned to look after my own set of teeth when I was in high school. My parents never paid attention to it and so I did because I always hated the idea of having false teeth. Children are very lucky these days. Parents are very well informed about oral hygiene and so they are the direct beneficiaries  :-)

  17. yay! very strict si Mommy Dentist, but that is good as early as now, dapat maturuan na sila ng proper oral tama asset talaga ang good sets of teeth :) kaya dapat ingatan talaga yan. I love this post dami ko natutunan about oral care. ty Doc!

  18. It is indeed a challenge for us parents to motivate kids to brush their teeth regularly, coz at times they find it too cumbersome. Your post is very enlightening. Thanks.

  19. cool! good to know about you being a dentist back home...:) I have to agree with you..mahal kaya magpa dentist if we have rotten!

  20. I try to brush and floss religiously, specially flossing...Coz I definitely know the consequences,  I had my braces for 2 years and it's not good...if only I listened to my mom... :)

  21. I try to brush and floss religiously, specially flossing...Coz I definitely know the consequences,  I had my braces for 2 years and it's not good...if only I listened to my mom... :)


  22. This is such a good reminder! :/ 
    My gums bleed when I brush my teeth and I don't know what to do! :( 
    I have to go check visit a dentist real sooon.

  23. wow, i learned so much about this,
    this is very informative and a rude awakening for me. ^0^ haha!

  24. Your models are gorgeous and super lucky to have a toothfairy at home :)miss yewww