Christmas in Singapore

I've been crazily busy trying to balance work and family life. This morning, I messaged my BFF claiming that I've never been this busy in my entire life but then again, I am not really complaining. Being busy is being blessed. It's better than lazing around and worrying about not being employed. Eniweiz, I am not going to bore you about my huge responsibilities at work. Read: I have been running the clinic alone since mid of 2012. Nuff said. 

I tried to squeeze in family activities amidst my busyness. (I used to call my boss a superman for working really hard. Now I feel like I'm a wonderwoman. LOL) Last Friday after work, I fetched the kids and my mom at home and told the hubby that we'll meet him at Orchard Road to experience in advance Christmas in Singapore since we will be spending the holidays back home. Here in Singapore, the best place to visit during Christmas is the Orchard area. Every year, the long stretch of the road is adorned with breathtaking Christmas lights/decorations. 

My mom and K was in awe and so am I. In fact, I pass by Orchard Road everyday on my way home from work but I seldom work beyond 7pm so I never get the see the Christmas decorations being lit up. 

Baby G's eyes also wandered. He seem very pleased with all the fancy Christmas lights everywhere. While we are walking our way to Orchard Central, he kept pointing his finger on the eye-catching, beautiful lights. 

K had an equally wonderful time. Out of excitement, she wore her favourite 5 year old Christmas Barbie dress although she has obviously outgrown it. 

Everyone, meet wonderwoman! LOL. When I fetched the kids and my mom at home, I only washed my hands and face before quickly changing into comfortable clothes and off we went. Wonderwoman finds no time to prettify herself. 

Orchard Road is the busiest road during Christmas season. There is human traffic every single day and on Friday nights, it is at its peak. We crossed the road and supposed to dine at Gerry's Grill but we were 8th on the queue. Tried to wait for a while hoping the queue will be gone in a jiffy but it turned out moving oh so slow. We ended up eating at Lerk Thai at CentrePoint. I'll talk about our dining experience in my food diary soon. 

After dinner, we explored the opposite side of the road. More photo opps for my mom and K. Look how the two of them are about the same height already. K is a true blooded Syjongtian, thanks to Papa's genes. Hehehe. 

I heard read about Santa's Workshop in Facebook but didn't pay much attention to it. It turned out to be the crowd's favourite. 

Everything is worth photographing. I am really amazed with the concept of the Santa's Workshop. My mom was equally awe-inspired.

The best thing about Santa's Workshop is the continuous flow of bubbles. It felt like a bubble heaven for the kids and kids at heart. 

K and Baby G (even my mom, haha) had a blast poking the bubbles. Baby G wondered why on earth the bubble ball disappears when he's trying to grab it with all his might. LOL.  

It was a memorable night for the family. I initially planned to have a walk all the way to Tanglin to see all the fabulous Christmas decorations (the one at Tanglin Mall was awesome too) but my mom's feet are already aching. Hubby and I were also exhausted but very delighted. Our effort to balance work and family was worth the inexpressible happiness in our kids' hearts. 

The whole family (except poor me) is scheduled to fly back home this coming Saturday. Though we somehow have celebrated Christmas in Singapore in advance, I am starting to get really sad. Talk about separation anxiety. How am I going to deal with it? I am going to miss the kids terribly for good 7 days and 6 nights (will be following them only a week after due to work commitments). 

It will be my first time to be separated to my  precious baby G. Just the thought of it makes me teary-eyed. Sigh. K hugged me last night and said, we are going to miss you mommy! The truth is, I wasn't too worried about missing her because she was extremely excited to see her cousins and she's big and independent enough unlike my clingy baby G but awwww, I am so happy to have given birth to the sweetest girl in the world. 

I feel much better now. I'll cross the bridge when I get there. Meanwhile, let me thank you for patiently reading my blah-berrings. My coffee tea break is over, back to work!

On a lighter note, I am extremely excited and looking forward to meet my wanderwoman friend, Betchai and my twinzy, Sunsetzen. They have been great friends and Salitype sisters to me  but I am meeting them in person for the first time! How awesome is that?

Just in case I will find no time to greet you all later, here's wishing you the best Christmas and happiest holidays!!! God bless us all. 


  1. oh, sorry about that Che, am sure you'll miss them a lot for 7 days, but hopefully, you get to enjoy some time of the alone-liness pampering yourself too, the wonderwoman deserves to rest, some quiet to recharge and pampering to keep its energy going til forever.

    excited to see you and Zen, too :) counting the days here, but not ready for the trip yet :) too many things to do, so little time.

    i plan to go photoshoot our christmas lights and spirits here in SD before leaving for Philippines, hope I can do it :)

  2. hi there twinzy!!! yeah you are too blessed to be stressed....weeee had a blast viewing the photos here and wished I could run after the bubbles too...look at baby G's face looking so amazed at everything he is seeing....and oh my K is so pretty!!!! she looks like a lady already! smiling here at your mom raising her hands to catch some bubbles too haha, balancing family life, career and blogging is not easy I know haha, but it is what keeps us sane yah twinzypots!!! so excited to meet you!!!!!!! hmmmm I won't comment on you being left there for a week...haha, I'll just be a click away to keep you strong away from baby G hehehe, I perfectly can imagine how it would feel like but I know you will manage...mwahhh!!!!

  3. mukang ang saya ng pasko sa singapura!

  4. I know how you feel being a mom. At least you have something to look forward meeting Betchai and other friends-that would be fun.

  5. Wow, ang gaganda ng Christmas decor nila!!  Gusto ko din makapunta ng Singapore.. My husband has been there a lot of times because of deployments, at sabi nya maganda daw talaga jan at malinis pa.. Sarap puntahan, lalo na pag ganyang Pasko! :)

  6. Lovely pics and love the surrounding areas which are adorned by beautiful Christmas decors. Just lovely!

  7. Great photos, Singapore is not a Christian country and yet they are celebrating the yuletide season with a Bang, how much more sa atin. Don't be sad na, you will get over your emptiness. Just cherished those happy moments with your mom and K.

  8. wow, very festive and all the photos!

  9. So pretty in Pink, White, and Red!  That kind of Christmas decor reminds me of Korea!

  10. such festive lights and lovely smile Che, oh, now you are probably living the reality of them being away from you by now, but then, in a few days, you will be joining them again, have a safe trip Che.

  11. Love the festive and colorful Christmas decorations Sis :-) You have a beautiful family as well :-)

  12. Wow that is just so festive! It's nice that you were able to spend  time with family despite of being busy. I can truly relate that separation anxiety especially with our precious little ones. I hope your family will have  a safe trip home and you all have a Merry Christmas;)

  13. Awesome decorations, I don't know what to admire first. Sad to know that you'll be away for your family for 7 days. But still you'll come home for Christmas. That's the best thing that could happen during holiday season, to be with the family. Hubby and I will be celebrating by ourselves. We'll visit our friends though. 
    Happy Christmas to you and your family. 

  14. I was able to visit Orchard Road during my short stint  in SG but it wasn't a Christmas Holiday. I hope I could revisit again and I'd so love the idea of an EB with you and your lovely fam, Dokie :-)

     Lovely captures! The subjects came so alive and I love all the family portraits.

    Have a safe trip back home :-)

  15. Wow the decorations are so amazing, and the Christmas trees are really huge! I could see the sparkling eyes of your kids while roamiing around Orchard. Anyway, merry Christmas to you too!

  16. when i visited orchard road back then, i am awe with the lights and everything na...i am sure mas lalo sigurong maganda dyan during this time. i love all your pictures and enjoyed reading your advance christmas in sg. don't be sad na, i knew its hard, but you'll be following naman pala. and enjoy your holiday in phils, i am sure everyone will enjoy it. merry christmas to you and to your family. :)

  17. wow wow wow! so pretty! i love all the pink decorations! it makes me want to change my Christmas balls to pink.
    its always nice to take time with family, unwind from the busy life and just enjoy

  18. ang bongga naman ng mga Christmas lights and lanterns na yan.. sana meron ding ganyan dito sa province, mukha kasing ang saya sayang tingnan :)

  19. wow! super beautiful the place...sana merondin dito sa bacolod nyan...nice bonding with family. Priceless!

  20. Wonderwoman you are Che, smiling here reading your post.