Home Alone

It's day 5 of being home alone and I ultimately surrendered. As part of our daily routine I called the hubby to find out how the kids were doing and while talking to him, the tears of indescribable loneliness that has been biting me cold during the pass few days overflowed. I blame it on the gloomy Singapore December weather but I suspect the physical and emotional stress have finally taken its toll on me. 

It's been superduperuber busy at work. The workload is manageable physically but the fact that I have gazillion things to finish before my leave made me really stressed. On top of that, from day 1 to day 5 I did not rest at home. I took the opportunity to do spring cleaning while the kids are away. Tidying up the whole house became my instant stress-buster but my oh my, it is physically draining! 

Now you know why I eventually succumbed into emo mode.  I miss them terribly. Poor mommy. :(


  1. hush now little baby, you will be with them very soon...although I honestly do not know whether I could lasts as long as you in keeping the loneliness at bay had I been in your position...haha, anyway spend the time productively and before you know it you'll already be with K and G and M weeeee and then we'll be conversing live instead of typing words haha, take care twinzy pots...you can do it! mwahugssss!

  2. oh, sorry about that Che, but maybe, when you get to read my comment, you are reunited already to the happiness in your life :) hope you had a safe trip, and see you soon