iPad 2: A Christmas Gift

My iPad 2 turns one year old this month and I realized I haven't blogged about it yet. I received it as a gift from my favourite anaesthesiologist last Christmas. Yes, he's that generous. Even more generous than superman. Haha. He loves giving gadgets. Every year expect a camera, an iPod Touch or any other cool gadgets you can imagine. 

I am beginning to wonder what I will get this year. Hubby is guessing I will receive an iPad Mini. I told him I don't really need another one, even the mini version. In fact, I seldom use my iPad. I re-gifted it to the hubby (Yes, I am that cheap. Lol!) and he's been using it to practise Revit Architecture or watch TV series and movies. At home, baby G gets a 30-minute viewing time and K gets to watch Tinker Bell and Ice Age gazillion times during the school holidays. 

In short, my iPad has been over-used. We bring it with us everywhere we go. The photo above shows the hubby and baby G watching Baby Einstein when we were having breakfast at Chef Mickey in Disney Hollywood Hotel during our Hong Kong Disneyland escapade. If you look closely at the photo, the iPad cover cum stand is starting to peel off. It's time to get a replacement. I found cool standandmounts ipad mount online. I am considering getting the Crimson Pocket-eAzl folding iPad stand. It comes in 3 colors and I like how sleek, stylish, lightweight and compact it is. Price wise, it suits the cheap-o mom in me. Lol!


  1. a thrifty mom signing in! hehehe, yeah I think your iPad cover cum stand needs a replacement...I wonder what color you will choose this time :) baby G looks so amazed in this photo, and Mondabest is looking as papable as ever :D

  2. while many of you are using iPhone, iPad or the similar, I am still using my notebook.

    I am sure out-dated.

  3. Wow, sounds like the life! I need a co-worker who is more generous than Superman. ;) Right now I'm lucky if someone brings in cookies...