Rolling Ladders and Dads

     For the first time in years the hubby and I didn't shop last minute for gifts and ingredients for Christmas dinner. We did our shopping weeks before the holiday rush when  rolling ladder in the grocery stores were still being used by mall attendants to set up items on sale. I was amazed at how careful the sales men were climbing the ladders with synchronized motions passing boxes up to the top of the shelves. The ladders looked sturdy and reminded me of my dad who once made a steel ladder which we still use at home. He always stressed on safety being a top priority when working and his love for the family as shown through his crafts at home makes me miss him a lot this Christmas season. Had he been alive to this day I am sure he would have come up with one of those unique Christmas decors he used to set up at home and could have even built a giant Christmas tree. I wish happiness and good health for all the dads in the world.


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  1. Cher, Merry Christmas to you and your family!