Sound of Music

I am not musically inclined. I don't know how the read notes, how to hit the right keys, and above all, I wasn't blessed with a good singing voice like K. An old friend once told me I have a voice of a shrieking metal. Lol! 

Let me continue the tale of K's deep connection to the sound of music. I have a feeling it was inborn. I have a video clip of her singing Pangako Sa'yo when she was around 3 years old. I wish I could show you here but I have no time to dig my archive now.

As of today (she's now 10 years old), she's showing interest in rock music. She would pretend to play a guitar like an expert, sing along and bang his head while dancing to the beat of her own music. I won't be surprised if someday she will join a live band and ask me to shop dbx driverack for her group. I better start learning more things about music, sound quality and what-nots to make myself appreciate  even more the sound of music for the sake of my music lover child.


  1. Wish she will be a famous singer and you will be proud of her :)


  2. I am such a fan of K! please post a video of her singing one of these days....excited to pose beside her in a photo very soon!!!!

  3. wow... well she may have gotten her musical talent somewhere but she definitely got her beautiful genes from you. wink*