The Best Appetizer

The family's all time favorite dish...
     I must admit that I am no good cook. In fact I seldom cook and not proud of it.  But we all can change right? This coming year I will try my best to stay in the kitchen more than in the bedroom on my free days to come up with delicious healthy meals for the family. I wish that I could have  rev-a-shelf cabinet organizers like wood pull outs, sink front tip-out trays, drawer organizers and other kitchen items which I am pretty sure will bring out the chef in me. I could almost hear the hubby clapping and saying "at last!"...sharing with you more of our family's fave dishes which I'll be preparing in the coming months...wish me luck "wink"...

sizzling pork liver 

assorted sauteed veggies with soy sauce
Eating with the family and the ones we love is the best appetizer ever. Happy eating everyone and may your homes be always blessed with love. 


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