The Gift of Friendship


Friendship bloomed where genuine people loomed

Without a doubt, our online camaraderie boomed

We are from all walks of life around the world

Passionate teachers, dedicated doctor and nurses

Accountants, housewives, dentist and all sorts

We possess different personas and viewpoints

Yet we share one heart and one noble mission

And we pledge to stay as great inspiration this Christmas 2012

I will finally meet two of my The Salitype Society Sisters...

Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life and Zen of The Letters in November...

You will be with us in our thoughts as our worlds finally unite on one sweet day....

the 27th of December.....still on vacation mode....until then....

thank you for  visiting Sweet Memoirs...


  1. Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Wow, So excited for you Sis. I wish I was there too to meet you. Maybe in the near future.