True Love and Horses

Isn't she a beauty? I found her on one of our trips and I couldn't help but take a photo of her with
her pink-colored
mane that matched those smoky eyes and white colored body...

     I remember watching a movie with the hubby where two lovers met on a hill riding horses with horse blanket and asking him to take me to that place one sweet day. The romantic setting of being on top of a hill and having an awesome view of the valley, the puffy white clouds, the green grass and wild flowers was enough to make this heart fall crazily in love once again with the man sitting beside me holding my hand with his left hand while putting popcorn on his mouth with his right and munching them like there is no tomorrow.

     The thought of my heart weirdly galloping like horses at the mere sight of this man still amazes me to this day. There's something about love that makes one feel like flying and running as fast as horses. In another life if indeed there is one, I'd go searching for this same man who loves me unconditionally through thick and thin. I know those of you who have found their one true love know how it feels to jump into love and be caught in someone's arms each time you fall. Seasons may change but true love remains.

~sunsetzen aka kulasa~

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