Palawan Underground River: Natural World Wonder

My sister and her husband explored the Underground River during their holiday in Palawan, Philippines last year.

They took a boat tour to the place with a bunch of other tourists.

What a beautiful place! I can't wait to see it in person one sweet day. Hubby promised to take me and the kids there, just don't know yet when it will happen. :)

I did some research and here's what i found:

How to get to the Underground River

The Underground River is located only 50 kilometers north of the island capital Puerto Princesa which has an airport with daily flight from Manila & Cebu International Airports.
For years the Underground River was accessible to only dedicated adventures who were prepared to travel for hours in four-wheel drives along dirt and then stay in primitive accommodation.
The great news is new roads have been made enabling visitors to travel in comfort and safety to Sabang in half the time, but it just got even better with the opening this year of the new Sheridan Beach Resort right in the heart of Sabang. 

Additional Info: The New 7 Wonders of Nature are now being democratically voted for by people all around the world and its down to 28 Official Finalist Candidates (from an original 77) with the Palawan Underground River included. ~SOURCE

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Outdoor Fashion

Photo taken at Hindhede Quarry

You don't have to compromise fashion for practicality. There's always an extensive range of outdoor clothing and accesories that are both stylish and fit for purpose. CWW provides both the best performance for outdoor activities and most up to date styles of country clothing for everyday wear. ~
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St Andrew's Cathedral

Saint Andrew's Cathedral (Chinese圣安德烈座堂pinyinShèng Āndéliè Zuòtáng) is an Anglican cathedral in Singapore, the country's largest cathedral. It is located near City Hall MRT Interchange in the Downtown Core, within the Central Area in Singapore's central business district. It is the Cathedral church of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore and the mother church of her 26 parishes and more than 55 congregations here. The logo of the Cathedral is the St Andrew's Cross. The Year 2006 marks the 150th Anniversary of the St Andrew's Church Mission since 1856. - SOURCE
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Stereodelic Effect

Another cool effect using Tuxpi Photo Editor

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Wildlife Photography: Red-vented Cockatoo

Photo taken at Singapore Zoo.

The Red-vented CockatooCacatua haematuropygia, sometimes called the Philippine Cockatoo or Kalangay, is a critically endangered species of cockatoo that is endemic to the Philippines. It is roughly the size and shape of the Tanimbar Corella, but is easily distinguished by the red feathers around the vent.
The plumage is all white with red undertail coverts tipped white, yellowish undertail and pale yellow underwings. It is 12.2 inches long and has an 8.6 inches wingspan.
The Red-vented Cockatoo makes a characteristic bleating call, as well as screeching or whistling noises that are common to most cockatoos. It is quieter than most cockatoos, and much quieter than the Umbrella Cockatoo or Moluccan Cockatoo. ~ SOURCE
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Cypress Knee

Can you spot the cypress knees?

Here's a closer shot!

Knees are woody projections sent above the normal water level, roughly horizontally from the roots, with a near-right-angle bend taking them roughly vertically downward into soil, usually passing through water first. One early assumption of their function was that they provided oxygen to the roots that grow in the low dissolved oxygen (DO) waters typical of a swamp (see also mangroves, which have similar adaptations), acting as pneumatophores. ~ SOURCE

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The Promise of Next Day

Screen grabbed from Google

My unplanned career shift happened more than two years ago after encountering a worst nightmare in the field of dentistry. It is true what they say unexpected blessings mostly sprout from difficult trials. God is a God of wonders. Never did I expect that one day I will be working in the medical industry with good position and lots of great benefits. All thanks to Dr A’s manipulative and heartless wife who in just a matter of two weeks have shown her true colours (who on earth would like to work for someone who only cares about money and show no mercy for their starving staff by giving a 5-minute lunch break at 4pm?) otherwise, I will not be where I am right now. Apart from the great benefits, one of the things I love about my job now is the privilege to decide on my own. My boss have entrusted me the over-all administrative and operational functions of his private surgical practice. For my peace of mind, I suggested my boss to hire a qualified nurse to assist him while performing a surgery. With our nurse assistant, our patients are assured of smooth and safe surgery all the time. My main job is to ensure that the clinic runs smoothly every single day. 

On the other hand, I had a headache yesterday with the local printing company who failed to print our modified business cards, letterheads and envelopes on the required date I stated on the print order. I have to search online for other alternatives because I badly need those printed materials for the clinic licensing and the forthcoming opening of our new branch. Thanks to google I stumbled upon Next Day Flyers, an online printing company that promises to print and prepare to ship your printed materials the next business day. Apart from that, Next Day printing services are more affordable than you may think. Online printers have great prices and quick turnaround times. It seems to be the best answer to solve my current dilemma. I hope Next Day will deliver its promise because I don't want to disappoint my boss.
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MICA Building

FYI: The MICA (Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts) Building, otherwise known as the Old Hill Street Police Station (OHSPS), was erected in 1934 to house the Hill Street Police Station and Barracks. It was gazetted as a national monument in 1998 and transformed into comfortable and lively premises for MICA. MICA moved from PSA Building to MICA Building in 2000. The building also houses the Singapore Kindness Movement.

The building has a total of 927 windows and they are painted in the colours of the rainbow. Passersby will notice that the windows on the first four stories have the same vibrant intensity while the colours for the fifth- and sixth-story gradually intensify to accentuate the cantilevered balconies which are interesting architectural features of this historical building. - SOURCE

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Flower Photography: Peacock Flower (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)

Caesalpinia pulcherrima is a species of flowering plant in the pea family, Fabaceae, that is native to the tropics and subtropicsof the Americas. Its exact origin is unknown due to widespread cultivation. Common names for this species include PoincianaPeacock FlowerRed Bird of ParadiseMexican Bird of ParadiseDwarf PoincianaPride of Barbados, and flamboyan-de-jardin. ~ SOURCE

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Baby Gian's Development at 7 months

Baby Gian turns 7 months old today, 23rd February 2012.

He now rolls-over too quickly that you have to keep an eye on him ALL the time when he’s on bed.

He has graduated from his baby cot and now enjoys sitting with support in his playpen while holding his toys.

He now takes 2 solid meals a day. His all time favourite is mashed banana and he also loves homemade purees of apple, pear, pumpkin, sweet potato and a little bit of carrot. I have not tried feeding him Gerber yet, very hesitant to do so. I prefer feeding him fresh every day. I end up eating his left over’s most of the time because i am hesitant to feed him what has been kept in the fridge for a day or so.

From time to time, he shows a new antic. One day, he keeps shouting to express his excitement (he started the day we arrived at Batam Island. Next day, he keeps making the brrrrr sound and make bubbles with his saliva. Another day he keeps sticking out his tongue and show off his dimples. His latest antic was this new facial expression (check out the photo above) that i find very cute.

He loves sucking his big toe apart from his thumb. 

No teeth has come out yet pero lagi siyang nanggigigil. He puts everything he grabbed with his hands into his mouth.

He now prefers to toss and turn until he falls asleep and refused to be danced with in the tune of a lullaby anymore. Big boy na talaga!

He keeps babbling bawawawa, atete, tatatatata, hammmm, addey. Yes, he has started calling his Ate atete and his dad, addey but to mommy’s dismay no signs of babbling mama yet. Hehehe!

He now recognizes his family. When mommy comes home and he’s awake, he’ll cry if I go straight to wash my hands before carrying him. 

He loves staying outdoors. He is fascinated with the tree leaves dancing with the wind. When he sees something that fascinates him, he giggles out of the blue. Nakakatuwa!

He finds his big sister most amusing. Only Ate Kyla can make him giggle so easily by dancing, singing, and/or just talking. Sometimes, just the sight of his ate makes him giggle. When Kyla comes home from school, he becomes hyper.

He loves tapping his both hands anywhere and he keeps wiggling his feet. Super kulit at likot na!

We can't thank God enough for giving us much, much more than what we asked for. We ONLY asked for a healthy baby but HE gave us a HEALTHY, ADORABLE and HAPPY baby BOY.
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Forest Walk

If you are into light hiking like me, try this forest walk. It is one of the series of intersecting trails in Southern Ridges. My 9y/o girl loved it! 

Can you spot my daughter?
*The Forest Walk meanders through some 50 metres through the secondary forest of Telok Blangah Hill and connects to Alexandra Arch.

Fellows who doesn't mind walking under the sun like us.
*There are two trails on the Forest Walk (just cross over from Carpark 3 to get on either trail) – the Elevated Walkway and the Earth trail.

Whoever thought of building this metal bridge, what an awesome job!
*The Elevated Walkway, accessed by the metal bridge, offers you the experience of walking through the secondary forest of Telok Blangah Hill at eye-level with the forest canopy. This is an excellent platform for spotting birds, dragonflies and butterflies. While on the Elevated Walkway, keep a lookout for a concrete slope. Due to continuous heavy downpour, a landslide occurred on the slope in Oct 2011. For the safety of visitors, the slope has been stabilised with concrete to prevent further erosion.

Can you spot the Earth Trail below? We plan to try it next visit.
*If you prefer a more rugged experience and hanker after a closer experience with wildlife in the area, embark on the Earth Trail. Steps have been built at some parts of the trail in view of the steep terrain.
The dense secondary forest found here, the Adinandra Belukar, is home to Singapore’s rich biodiversity.
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Southern Ridges

VISITOR INFO: If you enjoy walking or cycling in lush open spaces with your family and friends, do not miss the great outdoor experience that the Southern Ridges offers.
The Ridges comprises 9 km of green, open spaces spanning the hills of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park. It is an area steeped in history and is home to some of nature's greatest gifts of flora and fauna. It is also one of the best spots in Singapore to catch panoramic views of the city, harbour and the Southern Islands.
Henderson Waves, a structure not to be missed, connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. Standing at 36m above Henderson Road, it is worth visiting for its artistic, distinctive wave-like structure consisting of a series of undulating curved 'ribs'. The other highlights of the Southern Ridges are the Forest Walk and Canopy Walk - bridges cutting through the Adinandra Belukar, a distinct type of secondary forest. Here, you can see a rich variety of flora and fauna. You can also observe birds in their natural habitats. Walk on the Ridges and take beautiful photos of wild flowers and birds.
The Southern Ridges is ideal for walking enthusiasts, history lovers, photography buffs, nature lovers, bird watchers, families and friends. ~ SOURCE

Southern Ridges consist of a series of intersecting trails:

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Photo of the Day: Swiss Federal Railways

This is a re-post from my old, deleted blog.

Photo taken in Zurich, Switzerland | SweetMemoirs©2012


Swiss Federal Railways, abbreviated as SBB-CFF-FFS (GermanSBB, Schweizerische Bundesbahnen; FrenchCFF, Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses;ItalianFFS, Ferrovie federali svizzere; Romansh: Viafiers federalas svizras; the abbreviations VFS (Romansh) and SFR (English) are not in official use) is the national railway company of Switzerland headquartered in Bern. Formerly a government institution, it is since 1999 a special stock corporation with all shares held by the Swiss Confederation or the Swiss cantons. By the end of 2006, the corporation was handed over from the long-term CEO Benedikt Weibel to his successor Andreas Meyer.  ~ SOURCE
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Zurich Tram

Photo opp with the tram in Zurich.

Photo grabbed from Wikipedia

FYI: Trams make an important contribution to public transport in the city of Zurich in Switzerland. The tram network serves most city neighbourhoods, and is the backbone of public transport within the city, albeit supplemented by the inner sections of the Zurich S-Bahn, along with urban trolleybus and bus routes as well as two funicularrailways and one rack railway. ~ SOURCE

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Harris Extreme Camp

Harris Extreme Camp, Harris Resort | SweetMemoirs Copyright 2012
Like i said in my Harris Resort review, Harris Extreme Camp offers loads of fun for both kids and adults.

Harris Extreme Camp, Harris Resort | SweetMemoirs Copyright 2012
Ate Kyla in action!

Harris Extreme Camp, Harris Resort | SweetMemoirs Copyright 2012
Baby Gian can't wait to grow bigger and play as hard as his ate!

Harris Extreme Camp, Harris Resort | SweetMemoirs Copyright 2012
For now, he will just continue with his tongue sticking out pa-cuteness

Harris Extreme Camp, Harris Resort | SweetMemoirs Copyright 2012
while ate is trying to conquer the world. Lol!

Harris Extreme Camp, Harris Resort | SweetMemoirs Copyright 2012
"Look here ate, I am having fun watching you!"

Harris Extreme Camp, Harris Resort | SweetMemoirs Copyright 2012
"I maybe small but who says i can't have fun?"

Harris Extreme Camp, Harris Resort | SweetMemoirs Copyright 2012
"Yipee! Ate finally played with me."

Harris Extreme Camp, Harris Resort | SweetMemoirs Copyright 2012
"Thank God for my fantastic family of four!"
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C. Nai Hong Kong Cafe

It was a spur of the moment Valentine date at East Coast Park last year. The constantly hungry preggy me that time asked the hubby if we could eat first before heading to the beach in time for sunset. 

Obviously, the hubby had no power to say NO even though it was too early for dinner. LOL!

It doesn't look early inside though. 

It just happened we chose a spot opposite the al-fresco dining area. *Those colourful and creatively designed kites on the ceiling are a beauty to behold. 

FYI: There's a live band every night but i couldn't wait for them to appear. Satisfying my tummy is the absolute priority. LOL!

Read more with full stomach. You don't want to drool over our Valentine food don't you? LOL!

Hubby feasted on lamb chop

with mashed potato and vegetable salad,

the pasta and cheese lover me had cheese baked spaghetti, 

and our little Valentine date had charsiew rice. 

Like i said in my Valentine date 2010 blogpost: Universal Studios Singapore, Valentine is not just about couples having candle lit dinner. 

It is about sharing LOVE and HAPPINESS with your family and love ones. 

C. Nai HongKong Cafe Express is located at 1000 East Coast Park next to McDonald's by the beach. No reservations required.

Famous For Serving Really Authentic & Quality Hong Kong "Cha Chan Teng" Specialties, The One & Only Hong Kong Cafe In Singapore Highly Recommended & Featured Over 6 Times On Television & More Than 10 Times On Newspaper, Magazines, Radio Etc. ~ SOURCE

PS. Please don't ask why i didn't post any photo with my face (and tummy). LOL! However,you can click here to see a Valentine Sunset

To see the complete list of gourmand places we have tried, click here

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Principality of Leichtenstein


Snapshot from a moving van.

The Principality of Liechtenstein lies in the middle of Europe, situated between
Switzerland and Austria, snow-covered mountains and sunny valleys. 

Click here for more information.
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Hotel Linde (Schaan,Liechtenstein)

I stayed at Hotel Linde, a 100+ year old hotel in Schaan, Liechtenstein during my work and leisure travel to Switzerland way back in 2007. I am not yet addicted into photography that time hence I didn't take many photos. I now regret it since there's only 1% chance that I am able to visit Switzerland again. LOL!

FYI: Situated in the heart of Schaan, 3 km from Vaduz, the Hotel Linde offers you soundproofed rooms and free parking on the parking lot or in the garage. All rooms have a cable TV, a minibar, a safe and offer Wi-Fi internet access. An internet station is available as well. In the restaurant of the Hotel Linde you can enjoy light and seasonal cuisine from market-fresh ingredients. There is a special menu card for kids and ice cream available. There is a direct bus connection to Vaduz. - SOURCE

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G-Max Reverse Bungy and GX-5 Extreme Swing

Are you looking for extreme fun in Singapore? I've got a suggestion for you! Try the G-Max Reverse Bungy and GX-5 Extreme Swing at Clark Quay. Just make sure you are not drunk when you do, okay?

FYI: The G-MAX Reverse Bungy is Singapore's first bungy ride and works just like the popular game Angry Birds, except you're the human slingshot. It is as its name suggests - bungy-jumping but in the reverse direction. Built and created in New Zealand, the ride is probably not for the faint-hearted, or weak-stomached. Once on it, riders get catapulted up to 60 meters in the air, hitting speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour and experiencing G Forces similar to those experienced by astronauts in a rocket launch. Feel your feet tangle mid-air for a few moments and enjoy the panoramic views of the Singapore city's skyline before you're lowered to the ground.

If you prefer free-falling, try the GX-5 Extreme Swing instead. The 5-seater capsule is pulled to a near 90-degree angle, 50 meters off the ground, with its riders facing downwards before it is released like a gigantic swing. Feel yourself free-falling and flying out over the Singapore River, reaching speeds of up to 125 kilometers per hour. - SOURCE

Visit their website for complete information.

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Fruit Tart

We had this when we welcomed 2012. Bought lots of fresh round fruits and decided to order this instead of a cake on new year's eve. 
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