A Dream Coming True, Very Soon!

HDB Hub at Toa Payoh, Singapore
Please allow me to digress and take a break from talking how adorable and sweet my children are. Let's talk about business! Haha! Kidding! It's money talk, in fact. Let me start it by saying before 2012 ended, the hubby and I made the biggest decision of acquiring something we badly need here in Singapore that involves a huge sum of funds: A place we could call our own. 

As the new year kicks off, at one hand we are about to happily bid goodbye to pricey apartment rentals. On the   other hand, we are trying to get mortgage insurance, annuity rate comparison, and what-nots. All these things are mind-boggling to my teeny-tiny bird brain. LOL. Good thing I have the hubby to rely into when it comes to managing our bank savings.

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