7 Main Attractions of Adventure Cove Waterpark

Like I mentioned in some of my earlier posts and my FB status, end of 2012 (particularly the month of December) was a roller-coaster ride for me. Before my family left for Philippines for a 3-week Christmas vacation, I tried to squeeze in some family activities amidst my crazy workload. After our early Christmas celebration in Singapore, we decided the explore the newly opened Adventure Cove. 

It drizzled a bit on that day but it didn't stop us from having water fun! K was ecstatic! She has no idea what awaits her at Adventure Cove and she was extremely elated when we reached the place. 

K: Mom, why didn't you tell me that we're actually exploring a place similar to Wild Wild Wet! This is a total surprise for me! It's going to be the best day of my life, ever! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! (She says that very often and it always warm my heart to see her extremely happy.)

Me: *Mumbles* that's why it's called surprise, sweetie!

Trivia: Adventure Cove is similar to Wild Wild Wet but it is a lot bigger and nature friendly (it is surrounded by Sentosa's lush greenery).

Here are the main attractions at Adventure Cove Waterpark:

1st stop:


BluWater Bay is a giant wave pool where the surf's always up! Oh well not really as the wave is on and off. However, we did have a swell of a time with the whole family.

2nd stop: 


You can snorkel at the Rainbow Reef and enjoy up-close encounter with myriads of colourful tropical fish. 

That's my brave girl K snorkelling her way to meet her fishy friends. My mom was supposed to join her (they are the only swimmers in the family) but my mom retracted after few attempts :D

3rd stop: 


Splashworks is designed for aquatic thrill-seekers. K was supposed to jump dive from the platform cliff but she got scared after knowing the water is deep. She opted to climb the cargo net and walk into the balance beam. She did not dare cross the tight rope. Look at the lady clinging onto her dear life who tried crossing the tight rope! LOL!

4th stop:  


Adventure River lets you take a leisurely ride and float through 14 stunning scenes including a lush jungle garden, an impressive man-made cave with hanging bats, and underwater tunnel with a sea of marine life swimming above and around you. 

5th stop:


Ray Bay lets you interact with a wide aRAY of ray fishes. Sign up for an up-close encounter and have fun! Too bad it was already closed when we went there. The people you see in the above photo are the last batch.

6th stop: 


Big Bucket Treehouse offers gallons of fun for kids and kids at heart!

Last stop:


Seahorse Hideaway features shallow wading pool with playful fountains perfect for tots like our baby G!

It is such a joy to explore places of interest in Singapore!

WHERE: Resorts World Sentosa, Marine Life Park
HOW TO GET THERE: Complete information can be found here.

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahha the lady clinging on the rope gave me my daily dose of super laughter hahahahahah, because I could picture myself in her hahahahaha dunno how to swim...no plan to learn hahahaha....whew, I am such a fan of K....she sure knows how to have FUN!!!! and baby G is super dupah cute in his S outfit :) hmmmm can you please ask Mondabest to allow you to wear a swimsuit hahahaha and post photos hahahaha....gee if I had your body I'd probably flaunt it hahahaha, weeeeeeeeee can't wait to swim there one sweet day....I'd try to lose weight lotsa weight first hahahaha :)

  2. oh, very admirable K, so glad for her that she is able to enjoy like that, it is indeed the happiest day ever, haha, love those lines, and Gian is super super cute, of course K too, your world is so filled with happiness Che, so happy for you. super love your skinny figure too, i can dream about having that too, hahaha. miss you already Che. wish we can have longer time next time to share fun, something like this, snorkeling with K :)