Baby G Loves to Sing!

I've got another singer in the making!
During our Christmas vacation in the Philippines, my sister noticed baby G humming along with the music that plays in her car's cd player while we were travelling. I told her that baby G really loves singing just like his big sister, K. The photo above was a capture from a video I took while baby G was singing last night. I tried uploading the video here but blogger keeps telling me there was an error so I gave up. 

I don't know where my children got their talent (I have a horrible singing voice if you may ask) but I am very delighted that they are both very passionate with music. I read that music heals and soothes ones' soul. I am thinking that maybe, just maybe one day I will get the best kaossilator for K and baby G. Who knows they would create melodies together and have an improvised performance for their avid fans a.k.a dad and mom?

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  1. My kids and grands all love singing too and I love happy voices! Blessings and hugs!