Baby G's First Phrase

My boy with his oh-so-precious smile!
Side story:

I posted the above photo in Facebook sometime ago and declared that I am madly in love with Baby G. Can you blame me for falling in his trap? He's super adorable (well, in my eyes that is) and his everyday antics never fail to make my world go round. 

Main story:

One fateful evening, I came from work and he followed me to my room when I told him mommy gotta wash her hands and face before kissing him. I took off my earrings, opened my drawer and put it on my bling box while he's observing what I was doing. 

Next thing, he grabbed my sun glasses inside the same drawer and gave it to me. I said THANK YOU. He took other stuff and keep passing to me so I kept saying THANK YOU. What happened next caught me by surprise. He gave me my watch and said THANK YOU the cutest way! 

I shouted to K and said, "Quick! SMS/text your dad and tell him Baby G learned a new word today! Oh, motherhood I LOVE YOU!

1 comment:

  1. ohhhhhhh geeeeeee he is super duper adorable!!!!!! I would love to hear those words from him in person and give him huge kisses!!!