Pink St. Moritz Watch

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You would know by now that my 10 y/o girl is a certified pink lover and a self-confessed water lover too. She loves swimming and  I wouldn't be surprised if one day, when she's a little older she will be interested into water sports like diving, yachting and what-nots.

Oh well, what will a mom do but support her child's interest. Whatever makes my girl happy, I will always be behind her. I will even save up and buy her momentum watches like the one in the photo above which she could use in and out of the water. I can already imagine her swoon and declare I am the best mom in the world! LOL.

She also declares I am the best mom in the world even when I do the "smallest" things for her like fixing her broken toy. No, I do not think I am the best mom in the world (I think otherwise). Just happened I have such a grateful and sweet child.

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