Great Photo Editing Tools

I miss editing photos. In the crazily busy world of a working mom, I find almost no time to process my photos anymore. In fact, I just realized that I actually am not that serious about photography as I used to be. My dream of becoming a professional photographer has taken a backseat as I voluntarily drowned myself in the rewarding world of motherhood. 

Pixlr Photo Editor, Picasa and ACDSee Photo Manager are my favourite photo editing tools. What's yours?

I find Photoshop too time-consuming and er, too complicated for my bird brain. I might have the patience to learn using it when I retire from being a working mom. LOL. 

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  1. There are times that I get so involved with the children and children's children that I don't even blog and I love blogging. Family is precious. I like Zoner which is very very simple and can level your photo if you like me get a slanted horizon, or photoscape which has many options most of which are easy and quick. I wrote a short tutorial on my blog. 

    Whether you edit or not your photos are stunning. Hugs!