Lerk Thai Restaurant (The Centrepoint)

Restaurant and Food Review

Remember our early Christmas celebration in Singapore last year? I mentioned there that we had dinner in Lerk Thai at The Centrepoint mall after giving up the long queue at Gerry's Grill.


Krupuk with Sweet and Spicy Sauce
While waiting for our order, we were served with krupuk with sweet and spicy sauce.

K and Mom enjoying the Krupuk
K almost finished the whole basket. See how she's eating with her right hand and holding another piece in her left hand? LOL! Can you imagine a child who have not eaten for a few days? That's how K behaves when it comes to her favourite foods. We do remind her all the time to behave like a girl and never forget about proper table manners.

My Fave Kiddie Meal

Speaking of K's favourite foods, she ordered one of Lerk Thai's new addition of Kid's Meals called My Fave. It comes with a complete set of pineapple rice (?), fried chicken cutlets and spring roll, a dessert and a choice of juice (mango/orange/pineapple). 

Pineapple Rice and Lemon Grass Signature Drink

My mom asked me to order for her anything not spicy so I ordered the very popular Thai Pineapple Rice served on a real pineapple shell. Whenever we passed by Lerk Thai at Singapore Expo, I always tell the hubby that I want to have a taste of this famous dish. You would have guessed by now that I had a spoonful  (ok, perhaps more than that) of it from my mom's. Haha! 


Here's K and my mom enjoying their food. Do not expect too much from this Centrepoint branch' interior and ambience. It is situated in the middle island of the mall and being sandwich by shops on both sides. You'll see nothing fancy there except for Christmas decors at the time we were there. I am looking forward to dining at their Expo branch as it is properly themed. I love themed restaurants remember? Ok, let's talk about...


Green Curry Set
The piggy hubby and I ordered from the 7 Course Authentic Thai Set Menu. Hubby's order was Green Curry Set. The set includes: Tom Yum Fish Clear Soup, Pandan Leaf Chicken, Thai Fish Cake, Lerk Thai Tofu, Thai Salad-of-the-Day, Dessert-of-the-Day and Steamed Jasmine Rice. You have to add $1.50 for sofdrinks/tea/coffee or $2.50 for their signature drinks. 

Black Pepper Beef Set
The beef lover me had black pepper beef (what's new?) set. The reason why we ordered from the 7 Course menu was because we wanted to have a taste of everything. In short, greedy lang. Haha! Since all our orders (except my mom's) came with a dessert, I didn't have a chance to have a taste of mango with sticky rice. I have been hearing many people rave about this famous Thai dessert. When the budget allows, we'll give it a try at their Singapore Expo branch


As we are not very demanding costumers, the service isn't that bad I must say. If you are fussy about excellent service standards, this place is not for you. 


Kid-friendly PPP
Food quality PPP
Service PP
Ambience P
Interior P

Are we likely to come back again? NO ~ because the location, interior and ambience ain't so good, but we'd love to try the Singapore Expo Branch next time for the reason I mentioned earlier. Would I recommend this place? NO, but the food definitely YES if you wish to have a taste of Siam!

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  1. oh, looks yummy, all of them, you are making me hungry here Che :)

  2. hmmmmm very well written restaurant review twinzy idol! :) you take food photos in the most tempting way haha....the pineapple rice looks so yummy and healthy...and Kyla is such a pretty model...hungry here..it is almost midnight huhu haha....

  3. Thai food is always delicious.

  4. What amazing photos you include, Cher--as always. Sounds like your family had a fun meal, and the food looks beautiful. Sadly, I am halfway around the world from the restaurant--and you--but isn't it fantastic that the blogosphere can bring us together.