Valentine Date at nydc

Red themed (very apt for Vday) nydc at Tampines 1
Are you a husband, a boyfriend or a (sweet) brother who is still searching in the world wide web where to bring your wife/girlfriend/sister for lunch or dinner date on V day tomorrow with a budget below $100?

Sexy V day Set @ $58++ for 2
Fret not! I found one perfect place that will not burn your pocket. nydc offers Sexy V day Set @ $58++ for 2! How cool is that? The set includes:

1) Soup of the day

Ours was a delicious and hearty pumpkin soup. Can you spot the heart? Hehe!

2) Drinks for you and your date

HERS: Sweet Aphrodite ~ "named after the Greek goddess of love and pleasure. This sensuous concoction of camomile tea and honey will set your mood for some good lovin'." Nuff said. 

HIS: Spiked Cupid ~ "be intoxicated with this devilish shot of Bailey's brewed with iced chocolate. Disclaimer: You might feel amorous before the night is over... You have been warned!" Hmmmm...

3. Main Dish

HIS: Sex and the Steaky ~ "ravished this caramelised balsamic sirloin steak that's grilled to perfection. This bad boy will set your blood pumping to all the right places." Hubby's verdict: 3 thumbs up! Very soft and juicy, it just melts in your mouth literally and figuratively!

HERS: Zesty Stripped Prawns ~ "zesty stripped hot peppered prawns to ignite that fire of yours. Intensity meets sensuality as lightly-roasted almonds go on top the steamy buttered rice." Wifey's verdict: My fire was sure ignited. I love the taste and the texture of the prawn, oh one of my ultimate weakness - mushrooms, oh oh the asparagus - perfectly cooked the way I want it, and the buttered rice deserves tripple oh! Haha!

4. The Dessert

There must be a reason why it's called "dessert cafe". This dessert called Love at First Bite is the B-O-M-B! Perfect combination of strawberry and chocolate! Verdict: Once we popped, we couldn't stop! No kidding!

New York Dessert Cafe's exterior and interior are filled with red. It will set you in the mood for love, love and more love. To celebrate V day or not, we will definitely come back and I highly recommend it to all lovers, siblings, group of friends, colleagues, and families out there!


Service: PPPP
Ambiance/Interior: PPPP
Family/Kid Friendly: PPPP

This cafe used to be located at: 
Tampines 1 Mall

IT HAS CLOSED DOWN. You may opt to visit their Bugis Junction and other outlets.


To see the complete list of gourmand places we have tried, click here


Wifey: It's the last day of CNY holidays, why don't we celebrate V day in advance and eat somewhere since we are going out to buy an electric fan? (Couldn't bring the kids along as it was raining heavily.)

Hubby: Sure, you want to eat at Ikea Restaurant?

Wifey: Nooooooooooooooo! Too many people there, not romantic at all. Why don't we try New York Dessert Cafe at Tampines 1? A fellow blogger said the food there is nice and hmmmn, the ambiance too.

Hubby: Dessert cafe? We are only eating dessert?

Wifey: *rolls eyes* Wait till we get there, ok? Trust me. 

Hehehe! We actually didn't know about the Sexy V day Set for 2 but since we were there to celebrate, we took the opportunity. It did not disappoint us at all. The hubby was impressed, all thanks to me! Haha! :D

Hubby must be really pleased with our spur of the moment advance Vdate. Here's my prize for being a good researcher. :P

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