Penang Weekend Getaway (Day 1)


Ante script:

I recently did a travel summary about our quick weekend getaway to Batam Island, Indonesia. For me to be able to do a summary on our trip to Penang, I need to post this and a few more entries. Thank God for #throwbackthurdays, it allows me to write about past events that I wasn't able to blog before. Please read my post script at the end of this post to find out why Sweet Memoirs is getting more and more organised as the clock ticks by. 

Main script:

Scanning through the photos on our first day in Penang makes me wonder why on earth did I not create a blog post about it before I deleted that entry I wrote before and left only photos of the temple we visited. 

Breathtaking view from our room veranda at Flamigo by the Beach Hotel
Anyway, let me re-write again whatever is left in my memory bank. After checking in at the hotel, this is the le view that amazed our eyes when we checked our room's veranda. It made us sooooooooo excited to explore around Flamingo by the Beach.

K started a tradition of jumping on the hotel bed out of her excitement. As of this writing, she does this in all our family vacations/staycations. 

K did her thing and I did mine. LOL! We changed into comfortable clothes and I camwhored before we left. Hubby and I decided to check out the Kek Lok Si Temple a.k.a. Temple of Supreme Bliss before exploring the beach later in the day which is just a stone's throw away from the hotel. 

That's the hubby and I camwhoring while waiting for the public bus in a bus stop near the hotel. Penang's public transportation works very similar to Singapore's. There are designated bus numbers and bus stops. 

Ayaw magpatalo ni K. After taking our photo, she asked me to take photo of hers too and she even borrowed my sunglasses. Mana-mana lang yan. LOL! 

After the photo opps, the bus arrived. Penang buses are just like SBS buses in Singapore. There are "ang mohs" on board the bus too. 

We tried to take in as much scenery as we could on board the bus. Penang hills are a breath of fresh air and mosques are abound.

We alighted the bus at George Town and headed to the bus interchange to take another bus that passes by Kek Lok Si Temple. While walking, we passed by this local ratan shop and we saw some vendors selling flower garlands. The local scene reminds me so much of my birth country.

Komtar Tower, Penang
I did not do much researching before we left for Penang so I didn't know what is this building. I just took a snapshot as it was the tallest building in the area. Apparently, it's called Komtar Tower or locally known as Menara Komtar Complex. According to Wikipedia, it is actually Penang's tallest building and the sixth tallest building in Malaysia located in the heart of Georgetown, dominating the island's skyline. 

On our way to the Temple of Supreme Bliss, we also passed by the Birch House. It is a heritage building built in 1908 along Dato Kramat Road in Georgetown. 

In less than half an hour in the bus, we finally saw the sign that we are near our destination. We had to ask the driver to tell us where to alight as we did not hire any tour guide to bring us there.

This is the scene that greeted us upon alighting the bus. The crane indicates that there are some ongoing construction in the temple vicinity.

We had to climb (can't remember how many flights of stairs) all the way up to the temple as it was situated on a hill. The concrete staircase is sandwiched by local shops selling all sorts of Penang souvenirs and local RTW clothes.

We passed by a turtle pond before reaching the top. There are children and parents around the pond trying to feed the turtles.

This breathtaking view made the strenuous climb worthwhile. It was too late when I realized we were actually exploring a sacred place and not just a tourist destination. We should have worn something appropriate. Good thing they are not very strict with dress code. 

From hereon, I will let the photos do the talking. I will try to put caption when I deem necessary. Have a great time browsing the scenes at the temple.

Way up, yes we are getting more and more elevated!

Sending fervent prayers.

Happy little tourist
With the 36.5 meters high Kuan Yin statue

View from the highest point of the temple grounds.
I took gazillion photos at the temple grounds, you can view some of it here. We left the temple premises before it started to get dark. 

We asked around on how to take bus back to the hotel. We saw a cemetery upon a hill on our way home. 

What a blessed first day we had in Penang! We alighted near the hotel just in time for this stunning Penang Hill sunset. We bought our dinner from a street vendor selling local food. We were all exhausted and decided to call it a day. We needed to re-charge for the day 2 adventure. Stay tuned!

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Post Script:

If you noticed, I am trying my best to get Sweet Memoirs well-organized. I am grateful to one of my blogging besty, Betchai of TJOSL for the inspiration in keeping related posts interlinked. She might not know she was my inspiration in my travelogue summary project just as I wasn't aware I was her thinspiration. I was smiling from ear to ear when she commented that she really loved how I did the travel summary on our Batam Island weekend getaway. Now, I was not only inspired but well-motivated to continue my project. Thank you, Beth! You simply rock! I hope you know that. :)


  1. oh thanks for the special mention Cher, and I thought I am learning from you in linking all your posts that summarizes your travelogues coz I am planning to do the same, so many plans, hard to execute though, haha.

    so love this post, so love the camwhoring, and the joyful poses, and each line i laugh, especually K getting the camwhoring from you, hahahaha. oh, i super love that joyful jump of K on bed, it's good to have a tradition in every vacation, like I and Khai would pose at the entrance sign of the national parks we visited, and like K, we would look around for an opportunity to take jumping pictures of us, though mostly, I junked my jumpic pics because I look more scared than enjoying, maybe, I'll ask K to teach me how to jump with a smile, hahaha! 

  2. yes Betchai simply rocks! whew, breathless at this awesome post twinzy!!! can not get enough of your trip shots! the happy little tourist photo of K is my favorite here!!! and your smiles of course with "Mondabest"....the flight of stairs were uncountable huh haha...but I am pretty sure you were not at all tired...because you were camwhoring haha...more more  more!!!:)

  3. You are talking about Penang.

    Yes, Penang.

    Thank you.

  4. The color of the water in that first photo is breathtaking.