Perception vs Reality

So, it's been a month since we moved in to our new place. We just got our internet fibre and our landline installed yesterday. The flat is 122sqm and considered a lot spacious than the previous fully furnished flat we rented for almost 5 years. The hubby and I had a hard time filling the place with furnitures and appliances. We now declare ourselves bankrupt. LOL. 

As much as we wanted to have a "designer flat", it's impossible as we have a fast growing baby toddler at home. We opted to buy cheaper furnitures suitable for a household with a toddler. We can always replace it 5 years later without feeling heavy on our chest. 

As of this writing, we still sleep on a mattress without a bed frame in the master room and the hubby's office (spare room/guest room turned hubby's office) is still in a total mess.  Last CNY, I managed to tidy up the living room and baby G's play area. I took photos and posted them in facebook. 

Check out the photos below. There's a tornado in our place every single day. I might have impressed my family and friends when I posted the "perception" photos but I wanted to show them the reality too because I wish to maintain an honest to goodness relationship with everyone. 

Living Room

Play Area
As I always say, my family and married life is perfectly imperfect. Some people say, what you see is what you get. Well, not all the time I must say. Bloggers like me can choose what we wish our readers to read and perceive. What we blog doesn't necessarily define who we are. What you see and read here most of the time are just a fraction of what really happens in real life. 


  1. I "yabyah" twinzypots hahahahaha, smiling here and thinking...was that me talking? :D 

  2. i can imagine it very well Che, it is very tough to keep that perception with a toddler as active as G, and his box car I saw from FB was just so awesome, I know it is just a matter of time the reality will sink in, haha!!