Steve Job's Legendary Apple Bite

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I have to confess, my family have been bitten by an apple. Yes, you read it right. We did not bite the apple, it's the other way around but subsequently we devoured the apple that bit us. Haha! I hope I am making sense here. 

Our Apple Family: iPhone4, iPhone5, iPad2, iPad Mini
What am I talking about? We are now certified Apple product addicts fanatics (except for the hubby who switched to Samsung recently). At first, it was the hubby who convinced me to switch to iPhone4 after my Blackberry Storm got lost in my workplace (my fault, I left it in the rest room). And as the cliche goes, the rest is history. 

Christmas of 2011, my favourite anaesthesiologist gifted me iPad2. Christmas of 2012, he gifted me the iPad Mini. It turned out, he acquired Apple shares few years back. No wonder, but still such a generous soul right? 

The iPhone5 was a gift from the tech savvy hubby. I didn't ask for it as I am quite happy with my iPhone4 but I fell in love with it right away the moment it laid my providential hands. It is so much lighter than iP4 and to top that, it takes better photos too! 

Another Apple Story:

K:      Mom, I learned how to create iMovies in school today.

Me:    Wow! Really? That's awesome! Can you teach me how to make one too? 

K:      Sure mommy, but you have to buy Macbook Pro first. 

Me    *big eyes grew even bigger* Whaaaaaaaat? Are you serious? Why do I have to buy Macbook Pro just to learn making iMovies?

K:     Because that's what we used in school. We either use Macbook Pro or Lenovo at the computer lab.

Me:   *speechless* Thought bubble reads: Is it that high tech even in the local school? Apparently, yes.

This made me think, the only thing missing in our Apple family is a Macbook. I read quite good reviews about Macbook Pro from fellow lifestyle bloggers. I wonder if my favourite anaesthesiologist will go the extra mile to give me a Macbook Pro next Christmas. It's free to dream, yeah? If my dream comes in to reality, I have to start looking for MAC antivirus here and make sure my Macbook Pro will be protected from all virus that bugs apple products.

“Sometimes life's going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.” 
― Steve Jobs


  1. I do not own any ipad, iphone, ipod, or any other i-series.

    But I do bite an apple everyday.

  2. I love my android but have heard that Apple suffers from fewer viruses as it is not compatible with all the various programs. They work with only their own programs but have lots to choose from. 

  3. khai is thinking to witching to samsung too, however, i told him what he would do with his new iPad, no more iCloud? :) I love the cloud :) I a, actually thinking of buying a Mac when my laptop would give up on me :)