Toy Car Collection

The Evolution of Baby G's Cars

1st: Lightning McQueen Plush Car
Baby G had his very first Lightning Mcqueen plush car before he turned 6 months old. We bought it at a Mickey Mouse Shop in Tampines 1 when it was on sale. It sits in his playpen all the time and he loves to cuddle it.

2nd: Plastic car 
This detachable plastic car that creates a beep sound (ok, more of a potpot sound. lol) when you press that big yellow button came with baby G's baby walker.

3rd: Tin car coin bank
This tin car coin bank is a freebie from Faber Castell. It was donated at a family thrift store in its original packaging and we bought for a dollar or so.

4th: Mickey Mouse car
This Mickey Mouse car is another steal (no pun intented) from a family thrift store after our trip to HongKong Disneyland. Eversince we celebrated baby G's 1st birthday with Mickey Mouse theme, he's grown fascinated with Mickey Mouse and his friends. 

                                                                   5th: Tiny sports cars
These tiny plastic cars are baby G's first sports cars. It is also bought from a family thrift store.

6th: Luxury cars
I found these luxury cars in its original packaging at family thrift store. They are too good not to buy. You pull it backwards and it will run by itself really fast and far.

7th: Racing car
Are you a fan of F1? Oh well, I really don't know why boys are always drawn to fast cars and all sorts. This is so far the most "astig" car baby G possess. Somebody's trash, my boys' treasure! :P

8th: Family car
I am illiterate (well, almost) about cars. Not sure if this is SUV but I love calling it our family car. We don't have a real family car yet, this will do for the meantime. Hehehe!

I must say, I officially have a car enthusiast baby. As seen in the photo above, the doors and the hood of our family car can be opened. At times, K joins baby G in playing his toy cars. She creates "repair shop" and all. 

Most times, she has to find vehicle lifts when baby G's cars need some repair. When K couldn't find anything in the house that can serve as vehicle life, baby G uses his toy lamp. How clever can my boy get? 

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  1. Love your cars, but please make sure you close the door and hood before you drive off. he he. I used to play with the pull back cars with my kids. I love how they zoom right off. (So does the cat!)