The Joys of Spring: Sentosa Flowers 2013

I just realized I posted two food/restaurant reviews in a row. To break the monotony, here are some of the photos during our visit at Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island last Saturday. For a change, Sentosa Flowers was placed by the beach! Enjoy scrolling down. :)

Baby G appreciating the colourful bed of flowers by the beach

Photo opp with the Rainbow Snake
Story of Nuwa (Lady Snake)
Pumpkin Carriage at the Spring Love Garden
Mama and K at the Winter Love Garden
Glittering Sandy Snake Trail
Photo opp with the Snake Sand Sculpture
K with bed of flowers

SENTOSA FLOWERS 2013: The Joys of Spring
9-17 Febraury 2013
Palawan Beach
Sentosa Island

*All photos were taken with hubby's Samsung Note II except for the Snake Sand Sculpture which was taken with Sony digicam. I have more photos in my dlsr but I still couldn't find the cord after we moved house. Don't laugh. I enjoyed a lot of "eureka" moments during the 4-day CNY break. One room in our flat is still full of unopened boxes.

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