Toy Storage Idea for Moms With Young Kids

Baby G's toys and books well-organised with Ikea's storage cabinet and drawers 
If you have young kids at home, you will eventually accumulate too many toys without even noticing and trying to keep them organised everyday is a tough challenge. There will always be toys all over the house waiting to be stepped. 

Please do not judge us. My kids' toys are either a gift or bought from family thrift stores. Hubby and I never seldom buy new toys from Toys R Us, Kiddie Palace and other toy paradise. I find it a waste of money as they either outgrow or break them too fast.

During my blissful 4-day CNY break, I spent all my time with the kids and their "world of toys". After we bought a storage cabinet and drawers from Ikea, I played around with the kids' toys. I did not label the drawers but I tried to organise each drawer with similar toys. 

Example: One drawer - all cars (I took out most of baby G's cars for photo sake, hehe), next drawer - all balls, another drawer - all books and so on and so forth. I will try to take a photo of each drawer when I find time. 

Downside: The tita nanny, perhaps out of her busyness, anyhow dump the toys back in the drawers after baby G played with them so they always get mixed up. I think it will be too much if I ask her to follow my way so I just re-organised it myself whenever I have time to do so. 


  1. Nice. Very organized na ang mga toys ni Baby G.
    Sistah nakakapagod din mag-ayos ng toys ng mga bata after nilang laruin :) Naranasan ko rin yan noon with my kids. Buti na lang ngayon, malalaki na sila, konti na lang ang laruan. :)

  2. ..their world of toys is such a joy to spend time on...a good thing about getting them organized is when the kiddo asks for a specific toy you don't spend too much time looking for it hahaha you know how kids could be so cutely "watchamakulits" as Roel used to be..this makes me wish the boys are still as little as they used to be...they don't like playing with me and their dad much anymore these days :) enjoy baby G's tiny yah twinzypots! :)

  3. You have a bigger rectangular wooden toy while your kids' are those colourful one.

  4. love your organization, Che, brings out the kid in me. actually, today ( holiday here) spent house cleaning too, and i looked for some toys ( hehe, wold you believe some of my students would give me disney toys) to use as decor, they look good as decor, haha. wish you well, baby G is really growing so huggable and cute each day. 

  5. ..makes me wish I could go back to the time when the boys were playing with toys what they love playing with are their phones and the computer...oh...I see I have been here before...just as I thought ehehehe...