Beach/Summer Wear

Here's my OOTD when we went to East Coast Beach for another sunrise watch and picnic last Sunday.

I got many compliments when I shared the photo in Instagram and Facebook so I thought I'd share you my secret in pulling off my beach/summer wear.

Accesory number 1:
Vacation Hat ~ from Daiso (where everything is priced $2)

Yes, that's a shopping steal! I've been looking for a summer or beach hat in the mall and I find it too pricey (those I checked at Tanglin Mall costs $45-$55 i was like *Oh-am-geee-I-couldn't-afford-forget-it* so imagine my excitement when I saw similar hat at Daiso, Plaza Singapura. It was tagged as vacation hat.

Side story:

On the way to the beach...
Hubby: Can you use that hat when we reach the beach? You look like a tourist!
MomME: Hmp, you feel paiseh for your wife? 


Accesory number 2:
Sunglasses ~ from a Family Thrift Store

Another shopping steal! I won't mention the brand as I'm not so sure if it's authentic. The truth is, fake or not, it's my favourite because it looks good on me.

Accesory number 3:
Shell necklace: from Hawaii with love

My lady boss and superman bought it for me when they went to Hawaii. How thoughtful and sweet right? I'm blessed with the best employers in the universe! A lil' bit exaggerating but they are really kind.

That's it! Got my sleeveless top from Mango but I am a certified mommy-on-a-tight-shopping-budget so I bought that top when it was on sale. Yes, I am a shopping-steal-queen! LOL


  1. hi there gorgeous! :)

  2. looking awesome and very Che-rrific Che, that hat is a steal, at $2, you are indeed one shopping genius.