Conversations With K: Food and Travel

After fetching her from her Chinese supplementary lessons.

K: I'm hungry, can we eat before going home?

Me: Sure, let's have a girls' Fri-date! You love bonding with mommy don't you?

K: Of course mom! But when I'm hungry, I can't wait to bond with food.

*Speechless* LOL


After a while...

Me: Ok,let's eat at Cafe Cartel. You said you miss eating there right?

K: Yes! I can't wait to eat baby back ribs and chips!

We went to Cafe Cartel at Plaza Singapura and found out they are closed for good and will be replaced by a Japanese Restaurant.

K: *Sad face* Cafe Cartel doesn't like me anymore. The last time we wanted to eat at Tampines, we also found out they closed down and was replaced by Nando's Chickenland.

Me: Nevermind, you can choose where you want to eat. I'll find out later where did Cafe Cartel move to and we can eat there another day. 

K: Ok, I want Burger King!

Me: Okaaaaaay, Burger King it is. *At the back of my mind, why did I let her choose.* Hehehe


After devouring her food, we talked about having a playdate with her bestfriend, Fantasia.

Me: You can fix a date this March school holidays to have a playdate with Fantasia. 

K: I can't mom, they are going away this school holiday. Are we going somewhere too?

Me: No, we used up our savings for buying a house right? But daddy said maybe.., just maybe we can go visit Legoland Malaysia within this year.

K: Yeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!!! I wish I could go to Paris too! I want to ride the Orient Express just like in Geronimo and Thea Stilton adventures. 

Me: Sure you can go to Paris someday. Study well. One day when you start earning your own money you bring daddy, mommy and baby brother to Paris. You promised that to me, remember? 


  1. hahahaha, way to go K :) so enjoyed your conversation with K Che, someday, K will bring you to Paris :)

  2. Well, never say never because she just might take you to Paris one day. 

  3. awwwwww such a sweet conversation! enjoyed every word twinzypots! Paris off we all go...someday :) yahya!

  4. hahahaha psssttt here again...:) love the "but when I am hungry I can't wait to bond with food" line :D....

    P.S. typo above...:)