Currency Coin and Notes Collection

Hubby and I collect currency notes from different countries that he/I have been to (with exception of the USA). Here's the first 5 of our growing collection of notes: Taiwan $100 note, HongKong $20 note, USA $1 note, Qatar 1 Riyal, Saudi Arabia 1 Riyal.

We also collect currency coins. We have more of these but I couldn't locate some of it. These are from the places my family travelled to like HongKong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

I regret not being able to set aside Swiss Franc coins and notes when I went to Switzerland in 2007. Or maybe I have kept some of it somewhere and forgotten about it. I also would like to add krugerrand to my collection. Who knows, we'll be able to travel to South Africa one sweet day and experience their world class safari at Kruger National Park?

Please excuse the wanderlust in me. I need more time to day dream. Enjoy your weekend peeps! :P


  1. oh wow, these are beautiful collections Che, now I know some more gift item for you, haha, til we meet again, hahaha. miss you Che, enjoy your weekend!

  2. We have a large collection of currency from our two military careers. Do you have some ideas you like for displaying them as art?