Eight Fruitful Years and Counting


Flipino Style Fruit Salad

Last 16th of March, I posted the above photo in Facebook and captioned:
"Made fruit salad to commemorate my 8 fruitful years in Singapore. Maraming salamat po, Panginoon (Thank you so much, Lord)"

I arrived in Singapore on the 16th of March 2005. I can still vividly remember how I travelled to Singapore with one gigantic luggage (i think i brought along my whole house, lol), one heavy backpack and a shoulder bag. Little did I know that the agent who fetched me from the airport would drag me to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to do some paperworks. She didn't even bother to help me carry my backpack even she saw me having difficulty lugging my things. Looking back at the scenario now, I could imagine that lady laughing out loud from inside and her bubble thought would read "why did this silly girl has to bring the whole Philippines with her in Singapore?" LOL. No kidding, I really brought too much stuff with me. If I remember it right, my mom even packed a plate, spoon and fork for me. Hahahahaha!

Anyway, 8 years later (seriously) I couldn't help but feel an immense gratitude to God. The first job that he gave me here was just a stepping stone for greater things. Imagine, when I received my first paycheck for working from 17th to 31st of March 2005! I called my mom and exclaimed "I made _____-thousand pesos in less than two weeks!!! I can send you back the pocket money that you gave me."

I never asked nor expected more.  The next work HE gave me brought me to the beautiful island of Bintan, Indonesia and the awe-inspiring Switzerland. After I quit my job (at the peak of a blooming career) in exchange of spending time with K, HE realized our dream to be complete as a family by granting the hubby, K and I permanent residency here in Singapore. HE provided everything we need and even realized our biggest dream to have a baby boy and a place we could call our own. Our big GOD is too kind to this deeply flawed soul. Praising and thanking HIM will never be enough to express our immense gratitude for all the blessings HE has showered us for the past eight years... We owe HIM big time!

Ending this post with a conversation with K...

While eating the fruit salad in the beach...

K: Mom, when is my anniversary in coming to Singapore?

MomME: Oh, the first time you visited Singapore was December 2005 sweetie. Then you came almost every year after that. You joined us here permanently in August 2008. Why? (I still asked though i already know the answer.)

K: Remember to make me a fruit salad too on my anniversary. 

MomME: My pleasure, sweetheart. Hehehe


  1. hahha, LOL, K is so funny, so love it, make her one fruit salad too Che, gee, so happy for you, that fruit salad is indeed very symbolic of your fruitfully blessed years in SG, and I feel like I want to have one now too, like K, can you make me fruit salad too, my decade anniversary in US is coming soon, haha. love you Che.

  2. Gusto ko ng salad!!!!! Hahaha, smiling at the first paragraph twinzy! Remembering mom :) you are indeed so blessed and am eternally proud to be your friend ;)