Flyers for your Food Business

Pizza Hut's Big Box
Do you remember The Big Box that we had for lunch on our perfectly ordinary weekend? Most of our spur of the moments food cravings are brought about by the food flyers that the hubby collects and pins on our family soft board. 

Some popular food chains in Singapore hires people to give out menu flyers to inform tempt passers by to have a look on their current food promotions. I have to admit, the flyers, most of the time if not always, serve their purpose. It's like a magnet that pulls your feet to go and try it out.

In another scenario, if you were not tempted right there and then after you were handed the flyer but you did not throw it right away (as the hubby always do), chances are when you have no time to cook at home, you'll end up ordering from that food menu flyer. Like I said, it serves it's purpose. It's worth all the money they spend for online flyer printing. 

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