How to Turn Your Photos into Postcards

Sunrise at East Coast Beach, Singapore
Few years ago, I posted a sunset photo taken at East Coast Park in Facebook and a friend commented it looks like a postcard. She gave me the idea of creating my own postcards by using my own photos. Modesty aside, I may not be a professional photographer but I have a penchant for taking well composed pictures that are postcard worthy. 

Who would have thought, the above sunrise photo taken with an iPhone can be turned as a postcard? All I need is to add texts and signature to it. Part of my brain thinks it may even turn out much better than those cheap postcards online. On second thought, I need high resolution photos if I want to turn them as postcards and send for printing. I will try to remember bringing my DLSR on our next sunrise or sunset watch in the beach. 


  1. It is a beautiful scene and would make a lovely postcard. Thanks for sharing. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Anything turns "postcardriffic" whatever gadget you use! So inlove with this photo it left me speechless :)

  3. i am so with you Che, definitely so much better than other post cards I saw, love the serenity and peacefulness in this pic, and the soft colors are really very therapeutic.