Kids and Table Manners

Photo Credit: Google Images
Hubby and I teach K some basic table manners whenever we eat at home or in the restaurants. The trick with teaching kids is to nag them teach them over and over again patiently until they learn their lesson.

Have K learned from our everyday nagging? Let's find out!

Hubby requested to have pancakes for meryenda. I was tailing after the hyper-active baby G who loves to navigate all over the house so I asked K to have her pancake first. We were also teaching her to be independent so I let her help her aunt prepare the table when we eat.

Here's the scene:

K was eating her pancake happily in the dining table when I noticed something peculiar (she was using a fork and a knife to eat the pancake)

Me: Wow! You have learned proper table manners, huh! Great job!

K: I'm eating it the fancy way, mommy!

Me: Whaaaaaat? That's not the FANCY way sweetheart. It's the PROPER way! 

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  1. How cute. She is also being a good example for her little brother.