Marché® Restaurant (Vivo City)

Restaurant/Food Review

It has been our family tradition to eat at Vivo City whenever we go to Sentosa Island. We always end up eating at Food Republic because we just love the variety of foods there. The norm is we order from different stalls based on what our taste buds fancy during that particular time.

For a change, when we went to check out Sentosa Flowers 2013 we decided to give Marché® Restaurant a try. Hubby and I have been eyeing this Swiss restaurant for the longest time. It looks perfect for a family food adventure. 

What more, their signature crispy pork knuckle is in their "today's special" on that day. We were all drooling with just the mention of it. It's their version of crispy pata, who could resists such treat? (twinzy, huwag ka na magtaas ng kamay. #alamkona hahaha)

Marché® Restaurant guest cards
We were given guest cards upon entering the restaurant premises. Those guest cards are being used to order food from the market stalls. The crew told us we have to pay each card for $100 if case we lose it. @.@

Yes, you read it right. I did say "market stalls". Marché® is a Swiss restaurant with a marketplace concept as evident in the above photo. If you wish to have a unique dining experience, try Marché® Restaurant. 

We ordered crispy pork knuckle and roasted chicken form this stall along with mashed potato and baked potato with bacon.

Hubby ordered the original Swiss rosti from another stall as appetizer. It is pan-fried till crispy on the outside and served with a generous topping of sour cream, onion and lemon. 

You need not guess, this is K the chicken girl's order. LOL. She said both the chicken and the mashed po tasted really good. In fact, she was very hesitant to share the mashed po to baby G. Hehehe.

This baked potato with bacon is love. We devoured on it while waiting for the crispy pork knuckle. 

At last, the crispy pork knuckle was served. Everyone was waiting for it. Attack na! Hahaha! I told the hubby we should eat this once in a blue moon otherwise we'll end up having heart attack. Thank God umoo naman. 

As requested by mother dear, we also had an overflowing vegetable salad. The vegetables are very fresh and the dressing tasted really good. 

Because the hubby felt guilty about eating the crispy pork knuckle, he ordered fresh carrot and watermelon juice instead of unhealthy drinks from the drinks station.

This is where we were seated. The whole place definitely reminds me of my unforgettable Switzerland trip in 2007. 

And this is the view across our table. I picked a table with an enclosed seating arrangement so that baby G could move around while we eat.

True enough, the ever active baby G tremendously enjoyed his free space. It would have been a different story if we chose a table with individual chairs. He dislikes being caged in a high chair.

When we headed to the counter to pay our bill near the exit, I found out that there are more enclosed and nicely decorated spots for people who prefers a little privacy. 

So, are we likely to come back again and recommend the place? Definitely YES! Or maybe we can try the 313@Somerset branch next time. On another note,the branch they have at Raffles City is a bar and bistro, perfect for a night date with the hubby. :P

Ratings: (Warning: My family is quite easy to please when it comes to food and service.)

Food: PPPP
Service: PPPP
Ambiance/Interior: PPPP
Family/Kid Friendly: PPPP


Marché VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk, Sky Park #03-14
Singapore 098585
Phone: +65 6376 8226
Marché VivoCity, located in Singapore’s largest retail and lifestyle destination as well as the gateway to the vibrant Sentosa Island, offers distinctive European cuisines in an authentic Swiss backdrop. The 500-year-old chalet and the original Swiss ski gondola are both the "real thing", brought in straight from Switzerland.
Winner of the ‘Excellence Service Award 2008’ organized by Spring Singapore, Marché VivoCity welcomes you to a satisfying meal of fresh, healthy and highest quality natural food.

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  1. awwww I just love that photo of you and baby G smiling! I wanna have some salad! awesome place to dine indeed! the fresh carrot and watermelon juice look perfectly healthy hmmmyyy! :) take me there one sweet day :D

  2. love those drinks, and can share some crispy  pork knuckle with you, would it be possible I will have all the crispy skin? Haha, Zen indeed will not like it. that picture of G is so priceless.

  3. Whoa..what a fantastic place! It is very different and I would love to explore and enjoy the yummy food dishes!