Music Lovers

K with her cousin and fellow music lover, Ate Kim
You've probably heard me talked about my niece, Kim before but just to refresh your memory she is the eldest grandchild of my parents, former dean's lister and an IS graduate of University of Santo Tomas. She is now working at HP in the Philippines

Once in a while I see her posting photos about her latest gigs with her bandmates in Facebook. Yes, she is another music lover like K. I am not so sure if the band she belongs to performs professionally but what I do know is she can sing and she can play a guitar.

I was wondering if headphone amp guitar center would let her play a guitar anytime. I heard that their palm-sized headphone amp can be plugged directly to a guitar so one could enjoy serious guitar sound anywhere. Sounds like it's perfect for Kim's practice sessions and late night jamming with her bandmates. What do you think?

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  1. sounds perfect indeed! :) love their smiles here! :)